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Converted Microsoft Points will expire in a year

StickSkills: "During their E3 media briefing, Microsoft announced the phasing out of Microsoft Points starting this fall. What they didn’t tell you, was that the Points, after being converted to real funds, will expire." (Xbox One)

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KingKelloggTheWH  +   853d ago
Wow....just wow
BadboyCivic  +   853d ago
Gotta love MS. They treat gamers so well
JokesOnYou  +   853d ago
Wow what?

“The purchased funds you deposit into your account after the transition will not expire. However, the funds we deposit into your account at the time of the transition will expire one year from the deposit date.”

Its simple...they are going to convert your current(existing) points into real money, you have a year to spend the converted money, all funds after this transition do not expire. Just spend your points and they have some great deals on point cards too.
HammadTheBeast  +   853d ago

In short: Spend money on current Xbox 360 things or pick up the One fast, cause the clock is ticking on your money. No more waiting, pressures on.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   853d ago
No sure if serious
Foliage  +   853d ago

I know you're a fanboy; but to still be taking the Microsoft Corporations side when they have screwed you this hard and this far... wow.

Just... wow.

They are stealing your rights; now they are literally stealing your money.

Wake the heck up!

They just had a sale on points recently; I know people with thousands upon thousands of points from MONEY they invested; which is now going to be lost a year from the conversion. That's just pathetic.

To top it off; the 360 library is completely dead; so there is nothing worth spending the money on now. They are literally goating people into the Xbox One. At least the console name now makes sense; they are going ass backwards!
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rainslacker  +   853d ago
If you paid for those MS points, and get converted, they are basically just taking the money away from you. I know it's really semantics since points aren't real money, but the consumer did spend money on them at some point. It's basically free money going into MS pocket.

So yeah..."Wow" is appropriate.
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jetlian  +   852d ago
even now points get taken away! this isnt new. points expire always have. with dlc and dled games it shouldnt be a problem
onyoursistersback  +   853d ago
wait..."so if you don't use it, you lose it?!"
Gigaguy777  +   853d ago
No, you keep it.
Foliage  +   853d ago
Wrong; points gained before this conversion; which are to be converted to the new system; will have a 1 year period before expiration.

Your current or any points acquired before this conversion; will be lost a year post conversion.

Yes, they are pocketed by Microsoft. The terms are plain as day.
Godmars290  +   853d ago
Want to call it BS, but given that MS has been "smart" enough to sell points at drastic discounts, simply can't say such.

Though of course this also means that time on XBL will no longer be sold at discount either.
Majin-vegeta  +   853d ago
I feel sorry for people who have no idea whats bout to happen.
Starbucks_Fan  +   853d ago
I'm PISSED. I bought 14 of those 1200 MS point cards when they were $5 each and was going to save a little for Xbox One if I get one in a couple years. The Xbox One is now even more worthless to me.

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Gigaguy777  +   853d ago
Your points get converted to cash, and will stay attached to your profile. You will keep your money. Learn to read first.
HammadTheBeast  +   853d ago

Maybe you should. The money's gone in a year. Unless he buys the Xbox One.
Starbucks_Fan  +   853d ago
^^ Uhh I have the money for just a year right?
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Mikeyy  +   853d ago
Giga you need to learn to read. It clearly says the money gained from converting ms points will expire 1 year after the conversion date.

Any money added after will not expire.
Tres21  +   853d ago
aye u wanna sell those cards 2 me then for $5 bucks each.lol im just tryin 2 help ur life here.lol
Foliage  +   853d ago
Sorry bots; you all need to learn to read:

"However, the funds we deposit into your account at the time of the transition will expire one year from the deposit date. "

There is no confusion there. The points DEPOSITED at the time of TRANSITION WILL EXPIRE ONE YEAR FROM THE DEPOSIT DATE.

Read that a few times; you'll get it eventually. Ask your parents to read it to you.
webeblazing  +   853d ago
would it make 'scents' to convert point to real currency for them this is one of the reason i havent brought a 360 yet luvd xbox but we all knew how MS was going to do things in this industry be for real
theWB27  +   853d ago
Watch everybody jump over this...even the people who have no intent on buying an XboxOne. I highly doubt people have a years worth of credits just sitting in their account.

Converted credits expire- New money stays for ever.
But here comes the horde to spew their hatred.
HammadTheBeast  +   853d ago
I know people who bought lots of points on sale in anticipation for the Xbone. But GG to them, right?
theWB27  +   853d ago
And they can use those points to purchase the games online since they have to be installed anyway. Whats your point?
MestreRothN4G  +   853d ago
Now you see why they were on sale, right?
rainslacker  +   853d ago

I'm pretty sure if I took money out of your wallet you would see the point.

I mean...ok you can accept all the DRM and the 24 hour connection because it doesn't affect the way you play games. You don't believe Kinect is a monitoring device. But this is taking money from people.

Probably won't be a big deal since most people that have points likely use them, but the end result is still the same. Whether you steal from one person or 1000, it's still just wrong.
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CrossingEden  +   853d ago
no no screw that man, let's just pretend that everyone has 20,000 microsoft points saved up and that they will never use them ever
coolasj  +   853d ago
Ummmm... Why?
Magnus  +   853d ago
Only thing I ever liked about the points was I was charged taxes when I purchased the card. I was never charged taxes with purchases with the points online but now that changes.
MikeyDucati1  +   853d ago
please read article before commenting...
DarkBlood  +   853d ago
shit balls i guess i better spend whatever remaining points i have before its too late since i wont be getting the "spybox one direction" lol
Agent_hitman  +   853d ago
lol MS, why you doing this?.
kingPoS  +   853d ago
Ahh Umm???.... just consider like the expiration date on a debit card.

Simple As security reasons and all that...
Foliage  +   853d ago
That's one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.

If your debit expires; your money is safe in the bank.

When your xbox money/points expire; the MONEY EXPIRED.
kingPoS  +   853d ago
Rather it's the container that holds the money that expires. I don't think the converted points use the same authentication. It's a stop gap of sorts.
rainslacker  +   852d ago
This could be considered more like a gift card. The money is there until it expires.

However, most states have laws that prevent gift cards from expiring.

Not saying what they're doing is illegal...but the principal is the same.

Also with your example...the money isn't safe in the container...the CC in your example is not the container...it is the key to the container.
Foliage  +   853d ago
I hope you can spend your points towards a PS4 purchase...
kingPoS  +   853d ago
All MS needs to do is come up wth a CC just like this.

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