Sony's Maturation Steals the Show

Hardcore Gamer takes a look at how far Sony has come in their approach to games, and why they stole the show at this year's E3.

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Snookies121804d ago

Maturation? Man, I read that wrong at first.... :\

Relientk771804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )


N4G ain't that kind of site ;-)

edit: You must be looking for P4G

MartinB1051804d ago

Nope, I'm 68 hours in I can tell you there's nothing like that in Persona 4 Golden either. ;)

ApolloTheBoss1804d ago

Lol you ain't the only one.

Rusty5151804d ago ShowReplies(1)
Moonman1804d ago

BRAVO Sony. Just checked every countries amazon worldwide and PS4 is number 1 outselling Xbox One. The Last Of Us is #2 in most of these countries. What is interesting is every major 3rd party game (Battlefield, FIFA, Watch dogs, AC, COD) is selling more with the PS4 version (higher placed than it's XBone version). Including Call of Duty in the USA of all places. Watch Dogs is selling PS4 like crazy worldwide. Killzone and Infamous are very high exclusives for Sony. Higher than anything on Xbox One in these countries. Forza 5 is the highest exclusive for Xbone.

megalonagyix1804d ago ShowReplies(10)

Only "ONE" stole the show! XBOX ONE

FullmetalAlchemist1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

No "ONE" else thinks so. lol

WeAreLegion1804d ago

Getting pretty close to ONE bubble, don't you think?

XtreemGamer1804d ago

ONE day and you will only have ONE bubble...

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