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AMD Revealed The System Specs Of The PCs That Are Running Battlefield 4 At E3

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of days ago, we presented you a photo from one of the PCs that would be running Battlefield 4 at this year's E3. Well, good news everyone as AMD has revealed the specs of the PCs that are currently running BF4 at E3." (Battlefield 4, PC)

Pandamobile  +   656d ago
Christ, that shit's probably running at 120 FPS, easy.
Hufandpuf  +   655d ago
Jesaws Chraist man!
Autodidactdystopia  +   655d ago
I find it odd that they show this on pc like this. wasn't it shown at both the e3 conference and the xbone?

wouldn't that mean that this pc is more than 2 times as powerful as the xbone and yet its being shown as if its running on the console itself?

either way glad to hear its not SUPER MEGA high end and just plain old high end :)

means everyone will be able to run it.

dual 7990s would be total overkill imo.
gamedebater  +   655d ago
impressive that a console can do what a beefed up pc like that can do.

or is it that pc's are so un-optimized by greedy nvidia?

making us buy obsolete graphic cards every 3 months?
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Pandamobile  +   655d ago
Lol what?
kingduqc  +   655d ago
Yeah except no aa 3 times less the resolution, half the framerate and lesser textures and sound quality.

GPU arn't obsolete in 3 months and you are just jealous you can't afford nice things
Pjuice  +   655d ago
gpu's are obsolete. sounds like the guy still thinks cell is the new cybernet tech for the terminators. oh wait now there using pc hardware in the ps4... but cell is the most powerful gaming cpu ever you don't even need a gpu with cell thats why sony is still using it.
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Blackdeath_663  +   655d ago
i know right. i thought those specs will be representative of what a regular pc that can run BF4 at high would be like
ATi_Elite  +   655d ago
Evil EA Execs talking
Gonna Demo BF4

so we gonna use an Ultra Spec PC to Demo the game to make it look super duper Great

But then LIE to everyone and tell them it was a PS4/Xbox1/or a Console speced PC

Yeh silly fanboys will never know the difference.
Autodidactdystopia  +   655d ago
You cant say that yet... hush we've just undergone a new console generation which means they have flocked here in the thousands and are waiting to attack! haha ;)
webeblazing  +   656d ago
sound like overkill def gettin it
Raf1k1  +   655d ago
They want to show their game looking it's best so it makes sense to have some crazy hardware to ensure there are no hiccups as they're running a game that is still being worked on.
Vip3r  +   655d ago
So is this what ran the demo during the MS E3 conference?
john2  +   655d ago
yeap, and during EA's conference
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I_am_Batman  +   655d ago
That is ridiculous. I mean it did look pretty good but not that great that it has to run on a monster like this.

I doubt that it ran on that PC during MS conference though.
nnotdead  +   655d ago
i'm pretty sure Peter Moore said on gametrailers that they ran on PC. he did say it was suppose to be at XBone spec.
sourav93  +   655d ago
According to one of the DICE devs in an interview with Geoff Keighley, the game ran on a PC spec'd similar to the XBONE at the MS presser. I'm not supporting the XBONE or anything, just prefer the truth being told.
spdarksky  +   655d ago
7990 on Crossfire similar to XBone that runs on like 7790M??? hmmm sounds very fishy to me.. Sounds more like a PR job to me..
listenkids  +   655d ago
It was nice seeing this PC used during the Xbox One event.
sourav93  +   655d ago
Didn't one of the devs told Geoff Keighley that at the MS conference the BF4 demo was running on a PC spec'd as a XBONE?
Drekken  +   655d ago
Lies, Lies for everyone!!
Convas  +   655d ago
Oh come the hell on, how is that footage supposed to be indicative of what we can expect on console then?
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NarooN  +   655d ago
They could've easily just ran it at settings similar to what we'll see on the consoles.
Raf1k1  +   655d ago
They're trying to sell a product so they'll show the game running on a PC to make the game look awesome. This will also give people the impression that the console is very capable if it's to run a game like this.
Swedish_Gr3mlin  +   655d ago

Then we now know that BF4 will look like BF3 did on PS3 on PS4... with other words:

A stuttering pease of shit with gfx that hurt your eyes.... just great...
CheexInk  +   655d ago
Probably not. I don't think the graphics were all that much different than BF3 at ultra so I'm sure the console version will still look decent. Though since they're going for 64 player and supposedly 60 fps this time it's a bit more unsure.
sephy  +   655d ago
i have that procesor at $200 and i can tell you its amazing its a little can of WOOP ASS HAHAHA LOL
Krosis  +   655d ago
7970 crossfire has better performance than one 7990. My current setup runs on two of these and it's awesome. However, I'm here to tell you neither the Xbox One or PS4 has "system specs" similar to two 7970s. Proof? One 7970 costs more than an entire PS4 :/ So I don't get that comment...really stretching the word "similar".
wannabe gamer  +   655d ago
its funny everyone is assuming cause it is running on this that it is REQUIRED to run it. stop and think guys they are going ot go alittle over the top to make sure there are no hickups. just cause i have a dodge viper with 600 horse power and i am driving at 80 mph doesnt mean it took all that power to get there.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   655d ago
Meh they should have used this beast...


Lucid_Lethality  +   650d ago
That picture made me want to vomit.
I think I have a problem.
Nafon  +   655d ago
Well, you know I would gladly take care of those GPU's after E3...
cunnilumpkin  +   655d ago
and this is why it will only be 720p at 30 frames on next gen consoles
NioRide  +   655d ago
Sweet, I already have a FX-8350BE in my system, replaced my 955BE, Picking up my new cooler this weekend and going for 5.5Ghz OC, and getting my first 7970 as well. Upgrading from my 6870 from 2 years ago.

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