DriveClub E3 2013 in-game footage - Team VVV

VVV: "Taken from an early build of the game (and by early, we really do mean early - we're told that this build is only 35% complete), we finally got a chance to capture a brief snippet of gameplay to see how DriveClub is shaping up in a time trial set in what looks like a scenic English environment comparable to Forza Horizon's crisp canyon roads."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1644d ago

Each at has a quarter of a million polygons he says. How does that compare to Forza 5 anyone know? I know poly don't count for overall look but I'd like to know the difference.

I liked the dashboard camera later in the video:)

Army_of_Darkness1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I was hoping it would be great considering that these are the developers of motor storm( which I Luv) so I'm a little disappointed right now...
and yes I know its off screen, but even still you can tell whether the game still looks great or not like uncharted 2 and GT5 for example, I seen them for the very first time off-screen and I was very impressed! this game looks crap and I seriously hope it turns out much better by release date.

Blackdeath_6631643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

polygon count is irrelevant just a pretty number because of diminishing returns. if you compare a car with 250,000 polygons and one with 1,500,000 polygons the difference is very marginal (some may not even know the difference!) but if you compare a car with 600 polygons to a car with 1,500 polygons the difference is massive this pic explains it the best

Raf1k11643d ago

True what you say about poly counts. However, higher numbers of polys do require a significant amount of processing power. While it may not give massive improvements in the look of the car it does show that with those visuals the console is quite capable.

F4sterTh4nFTL1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

LOL, the 26 Forza 4 Autovista cars had 1,000,000 polygons now every car in Forza 5 has Forzavista so that means every car in Forza 5 has 1,000,000 polygons compared to Drive Club's 250,000 polygons.

Too be honest Drive Club looked last gen in this video and the track looked like it was created in Gran Turismo 5's Track Editor.

Also the physics are a joke. It is an arcade game and does not have the good kind of arcade physics like Forza Horizon had.

windblowsagain1643d ago

Forza5 cars don't have 1mill polys,lol.

As for physics, Forza is an arcade game, i've been to race tracks many times in my life.

Don't get me wrong, Forza is decent looking, except for the lighting, very far behind GT5 in that respect. What with GT6's work on even more life like physics. Tire work etc.

With regards to Driveclub. Evolution is known for big jumps in quality towards release. This is a fact from the motorstorm games.

Forza5 does not even have day/night cycle, no weather. NOw that's last gen.

Elit3Nick1643d ago

We haven't seen much regarding all the features forza 5 has, btw why wouldn't it be capable of 1mill polys, forza 4 cars had around half a million, and this is next gen...

brandonb211644d ago

i thought at the ps4 reveale they said you could get out of the car and look around

Ghost_of_Tsushima1644d ago

So to me Forza 5 is looking better graphically and in physics.

Swedish_Gr3mlin1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

And this was recorded with a CAM

So plz tell me: HOW can you decide that from a CAM?!

Are you from teh future? ..

Ever heard the saying:
THINK before you SPEAK?

Ghost_of_Tsushima1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

The physics gonna magically look better if it wasn't recorded on cam? No.

Boody-Bandit1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )


First off this video is off camera (as the person alludes to and apologizes for it's poor quality for that very reason).

Secondly, Drive Club isn't trying to be a realistic simulation (not that Forza is overly realistic but the best you can get on MS hardware).

DC is more like GRID, PGR style racer. Also don't forget this is a brand new first ever IP. Of course Turn 10 working on their 3rd generation of hardware and 6th game is going to have a slight edge. But you are not even comparing apples to oranges here. This is more like comparing apples to oranges on a tree that just started to sprout. DC is has a ways to go before it's complete and again is a brand new IP.

Why must everything be a direct comparison with the opposition? Especially when the opposition that is being compared is a completely different type of game. I myself am an absolute Forza freak! Check my profile pic. I built my gaming room around Forza. But I don't care if Forza is the second coming it isn't enough for me to play step and fetch with MS and all of their ridiculous restrictions they are implementing on the XBOX ONE to warrant my going against everything I believe to play one title.

I will gladly be content with Drive Club unit Polyphony Digital bring out a version of GT6 for the PS4. And GT6 on the PS3 will suffice my simulation needs until it's built for the PS4.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )


It's a competition to me because I'm getting a PS4 and I hoped Diveclub would match Forza 5 since it will be the racing game I get but "IMO" it doesn't look as good off screen of coarse and the physics like car bouncing oddly around when you hit a wall arcade or not it looked a bit fake.

tuglu_pati1643d ago

This game looks bad. Where GT6? They should have done GT6 for PS4 instead of this garbage.

blackpanther251643d ago

If you want a racing game that matches Forza wait for GT6 on the ps3. This game isn't supposed to be compared with forza (PGR is more of a rival).

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Walker1643d ago

With pre-baked lighting and no weather effects ?

Swedish_Gr3mlin1643d ago

Dont forget: No night racing ^^

darren_poolies1643d ago

This build is only 3 complete, what did you expect?

Cam9771643d ago Show
gedapeleda1643d ago

I can't comment graphics, but the gameplay does look boring to me. Yet another arcade racer.

I_am_Batman1643d ago

To be fair though Forza is a simulation and DC is not so i would expect Forza to have more realistic physics. But I agree that Forza 5 looked really good as well though I have to say that I didn't really like that drivatar stuff.

thechosenone1643d ago

I guess you missed the part where he said the game was still in the development stages. Also Forza is cutting out a lot of features to get those visuals like no real-time weather effects, day/night cycles.

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NioRide1643d ago

I'm happy that during their first video commentary they released like last week they said it wasn't a sim, because after watching this I can actually take the game seriously as just being about fun.

fooltheman1643d ago

I really like the concept op having different challenges on a same track.
And the fact you can make your own challenges. Sounds great between Friends...

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