DriveClub E3 2013 in-game footage - Team VVV

VVV: "Taken from an early build of the game (and by early, we really do mean early - we're told that this build is only 35% complete), we finally got a chance to capture a brief snippet of gameplay to see how DriveClub is shaping up in a time trial set in what looks like a scenic English environment comparable to Forza Horizon's crisp canyon roads."

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brandonb211928d ago

i thought at the ps4 reveale they said you could get out of the car and look around

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NioRide1928d ago

I'm happy that during their first video commentary they released like last week they said it wasn't a sim, because after watching this I can actually take the game seriously as just being about fun.

fooltheman1928d ago

I really like the concept op having different challenges on a same track.
And the fact you can make your own challenges. Sounds great between Friends...

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The story is too old to be commented.