Top 5 trailers of the Xbox E3 conference

TotallyGN writes: "Now that the Xbox E3 conference has ended for 2013, I thought it the best time to highlight my top 5 trailers. In no particular order I might add – as that would be pretty tough since there were a lot of top games on show...

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MaleManSam2014d ago

No Witcher 3 or MGS V? I thought this was a best of list...

Yi-Long2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

... the 2 'smaller' games: The 2D side-scrolling platformer Max, and the Top-down game 'Below' or something.

Not that I'll be buying an Xbox One ofcourse, but I'm hoping we'll see them on PS4/PC as well.

JsonHenry2014d ago

IMO Witcher 3 and The Division were the hits of the show.

thegamersteve2014d ago

I like it, good to see spark on there as i really loved the demo

etownone2014d ago


Can't believe more people aren't siked up for this game.

2014d ago