Internet Decides Console War Winner at E3

Taryn writes, "Yes, after day one of E3 with both media giants’ press conferences completed, the victory was, magnanimously, awarded to Sony. My Twitter timeline exploded with “I just pre-ordered a PS4.”

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Prcko1950d ago

The results are in ladies and gentlemen:
Round one: Price point---Sony
Round two: Used games---Sony
Round three: Internet requirements---Sony
Bonus round: Invasion of privacy---well Microsoft definitely wins this one, but thats not a good thing

blackbeld1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Yep and consumers are the big winner here!

Sony is back on track.

Foxgod1950d ago

What about the games, that the most important aspect of gaming isnt it?

a_bro1950d ago

how can you talk about games when there is no sense of ownership on the X1?

if it werent for the DRM issue, im sure people would claim that the X1 is a platform that people should invest in.

Denethor_II1950d ago

What about consumer rights?

Foxgod1950d ago

I buy them, play them, put them on the shelf when i dont, and i can sell em if they are newly bought.

How exactly is that, now owning the game..

Reverent1950d ago

If you own the game, you should be able to do ANYTHING you want with it. That includes being able to play it on a friends console for more than an hour, and not being tied exclusively to your account.

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Arai1950d ago

A picture (or video in this case) says more than 1000 words...

karl1950d ago

i quote from the article "Ryse and Metal Gear Solid V are two other exclusives that could be huge for the Xbox One"

is MGSV an xbox one exclusive? i wil die if thats true

i cant remember seeing mgs on the sony e3 press conference but im sure i did. did i?

FoxHound_1950d ago

No it wasn't at the Sony press conference. But Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain is indeed coming out on PS4. Konami tweeted it. Also, at the end of the "Red Band" MGSV trailer there is a ps4 logo along with the rest of the consoles it will be releasing on.