Adam Boyes on the PS4: “I Think Reducing the Barriers to Get Gamers Onto the Platform is Critical”

Adam Boyes, VP of Third Party Relations at SCEA, is back yet again with news from his roundtable, where he was asked if their MO of having fun is reflected in their used game policy, no online check-in, and the PS4′s price. - PSLS

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blackbeld1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

But there is still one barrier Online Multiplayer.

Please remove it don't force people. Free online was my reason for buying PS3.


I already have Plus and I love it. But its still feels very wrong to forcing people to pay for online multiplayer. Now most of my friends dont have Plus but now they have to buy Plus.

TrendyGamers1985d ago

Personally, I don't think the PS+ paywall is a huge deal, especially when you get 1 free PS4 game a month, all those free PS3/PS Vita games, online play, betas, etc, etc.

xhi41985d ago


I hear you, I too took forever to sign up for PS Plus as that was a big reason why I bought the PS3 for free online play (after buying a 360 myself).

But from a fellow gamer, without even the PS4, get playstation plus dude! It's freaking awesome!! If you buy a game, look at like this, for less than the price of one game you'll get dozens of free seriously awesome games! Every month you miss out on more free content that has already filled my hard disk 3 times in the last 3 months ha.

ziggurcat1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

you get way more value out of a PS+ subscription than you do a XBL gold subscription.

plus, you don't need PS+ to be able to watch netflix or use any of the other apps.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1985d ago

You don't get free games from PS+. Those come with a subscription that you PAY for and if you stop paying then you don't get to play these so called "free" games.

That's like subscribing to Gamefly & saying you get free games.

guiltl3ss1985d ago

Its not like GameFly at all, though. With PS+, you get to keep all those games as long as you are a member. All of them, unlike the limited amount from GameFly. I would agree that it's not true "ownership," its one of the closest things in a purely digital world we can get. One cannot deny the incredible benefit and value of PS+.

Majin-vegeta1985d ago

Not every game will be behind ps+ wall.DCU and i belive Warframe will be free online.

blackbeld1985d ago

@ Majin-Vegeta

Wow Warframe looks great. And is it also a free game?

I will be a happy PS4 owner this year :)

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Majin-vegeta1985d ago

And looks like its paying off big time for Sony.

soulpatchadams1985d ago

Im proud to be an American but the capitalism is getting out of hand with US companies in particular. After supporting MS for a lifetime this feels like a kick in the nads.

Williamson1985d ago

Ive gotten about 60+ titles since getting ps+ a year ago, so its obviously worth it.

Excited2play1984d ago

Although I'm not yet a PS plus subscriber, I will be soon enough. The amount and variety of games to play for free AND the great discounts on games essentially pays for itself.

I like the idea of being able to play full versions of games to see if i really love them, then if i do love it buy the actual copy to keep forever.

best way to discover new games i might not have bothered with otherwise.