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Submitted by Jourdy288 976d ago | opinion piece

New Mirror's Edge is a Reboot- And That's Good News

BNR: Surprise, ladies and gents, the new Mirror's Edge game is actually a reboot- we've been calling it Mirror's Edge 2, but apparently, it's a prequel set to reboot the series. This is something of a shocking move considering how much everybody demanded a sequel, but in all honesty? A reboot is exactly what the series needed. (Mirror's Edge 2, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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tdogchristy90  +   976d ago
I just hope that rebooting (like the article said, original came out a long time ago) is so that they can create a new story arc that spans multiple games. I want more than one game in the story. More mirrors edge please.
DarkBlood  +   976d ago
what the ending of mirror edge wasnt enough to go off on for an actual sequal?
tdogchristy90  +   976d ago
No it was, but one had to admit that as the author states there really wasn't much to go on. The city wasn't named, enemy, ect was all kind of generic and while I enjoyed the first (ALOT) it wasn't very fleshed out.
DarkBlood  +   976d ago
well i'll say it hinted at the bigger picture behind the whole situation going on in the story. i guess im a bit attach to it that i'll have to rebreak my self to get used to the reboot for the ps4 version hopfully providing it can be played offline

because if it has the charm of the original i would end up missing out
mushroomwig  +   976d ago
A reboot after just one title? That must be a new record.
Hufandpuf  +   976d ago
I'm not complaining, I wan't to see how the world got it's start and the events that preceded ME1 like the riots before the totalitarian takeover.
Khordchange  +   976d ago
um why not a sequel? I wanted a new game, not updated graphics
madduey  +   976d ago
I hope re boot isn't code for lets add more guns with team death match multiplayer with bi monthly map packs!!
In all seriousness this has potential to be great I loved the first, fresh new ip with fresh new gameplay pretty much created its own genre.
Lets hope we don't have to wait to long for it.
Jourdy288  +   976d ago
Gibeau says it's not turning into a shooter, so I have faith.
DarkBlood  +   976d ago
lol i see what you did there
dumahim  +   976d ago
Let's hope they go with the original idea that Faith doesn't like guns and can't use them.
Jourdy288  +   976d ago
Actually, Faith was able to use guns in the original, thing is she wasn't good at using them.
MikeyDucati1  +   976d ago
Yes, bring back Merc!! Also add her sister in as a runner. I'm excited about this. It's been a long time coming and I'm glad that the sales of ME didn't discourage EA/DICE from returning to this game. And don't go dubstep on me with the soundtrack either...keep it nice and ambient like the original soundtrack please. And thanks again for bringing Faith back...much obliged.

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