Boyes on PS4 Used Games video: 'We're having fun'

Arguably the defining point of Sony's E3 conference was the PS4 'Used Games Instructional' video, in which Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida simply handed a PS4 game to SCEA VP of Publisher & Developer Relations Adam Boyes. It was an unexpected jab at the Xbox One policy, and a funny one at that. Is this a new, aggressive Sony we're seeing at E3?

darthv721055d ago

one of the best marketing vids they could make.

simple and to the point. bravo sony.

blackbeld1055d ago

Finally Gamers are unite again.

Thank you Sony.

NatureOfLogic1055d ago

It really did bring back that feeling of the good days. nostalgia :)

Majin-vegeta1055d ago

We're just missing the RPG games.Once they get that locked in.We are set :D

Relientk771055d ago

Sony, that video is genius, good job.

Axonometri1055d ago

I thought MS was going to KILL Sony at E3?

Why o why1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

.......with laughter. Look at those smiley faces

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