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Sony Boosts Internal Sales Estimates for PlayStation 4, Exceeding Sony's Expectations

LOS ANGELES—Sony Corp. is raising internal sales projections for the forthcoming PlayStation 4 videogame console amid positive signs about demand for the device, executives of the Japanese electronics company said Tuesday. (PS4, Sony)

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LOGICWINS  +   631d ago
Thats what happens when you treat your customers with respect.
Th4Freak  +   631d ago
Take notes EA!
Gravitic  +   631d ago
EA have just announced Battlefront, they need to take no notes.
MizTv  +   631d ago
take notes ms
a_bro  +   631d ago
EA reminds me of Alzheimers disease. One day, they S**t on their consumers, the next day they announce release a good game. only to make consumers forget about their evil business decisions. then the cycle repeats itself again.

they are too big to fail.

On a side note, back to the topic, this is what happens when you give the gamers what they want.
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bicfitness  +   631d ago
Just preordered mine. Only place I could do it was Gamestop. Everywhere else: Futureshop, Best Buy, etc. was sold out.

And it also helps Sony's situation that their direct competitor made an expensive, clusterfuck of a console with hardly any redeeming qualities except Halo (if you even like that, which I'm not alone in not caring about).

Edit: Oh, and anecdotal, but when I was in GS THREE more people came in and ordered PS4s!!! Girl that helped me said she was 'doing this all day'. If the momentum keeps up, we could be witnessing the birth of the "new" PS2.
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chrispseuphoria  +   631d ago
I hope so. The PS2 is one of the greatest gaming consoles to be released.
bratman  +   631d ago
Futureshop online doing a great promotion.. preorder 3 games for ps4 get each one for 39.99 (:

(also works with ps3, vita, 360, xbox one games)
kneon  +   631d ago
I just ordered 7 games from Future shop at $40 each so I'll not be short of games to play for a while.
SheenuTheLegend  +   631d ago
we really want the ps2 era back...
play hard for unlocks, dont pay hard
NateCole  +   631d ago
It's a good lesson for any company.
Mucless   631d ago | Spam
GraveLord  +   631d ago
Well deserved. PS4 is the future of gaming.
wastedcells  +   631d ago
Knew this would happen so I pre ordered right away. Can't wait for confirmed launch day games and an actual launch date. Early November would be smart.
CGI-Quality  +   631d ago
LOGIC has won! :)
Prcko  +   631d ago
This is crazy,PS4 gonna sell like Hotcakes
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Relientk77  +   631d ago
PS4 is gonna be the big seller for Christmas I can see it already

oh also Black Friday is gonna be a sh*t show haha
AznGaara  +   631d ago
Made my pre-order just before Amazon US ran out of the "launch" ps4s lol
flipflopfacts  +   631d ago
I love these they're awesome! The internet needs more of Kaz.
Relientk77  +   631d ago
Got mine preordered, and I'm excited.

Very happy for them, they deserve it
Prcko  +   631d ago
The PlayStation Nation is in Celebration :)
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LOGICWINS  +   631d ago
Really hoping Sony announces a PS4/Vita bundle at Gamescom. Thats what Im holding out for. It would coincide with a Vita price drop to keep the price of the bundle under $600. Id imagine that bundle to be $500. This would be a direct spit in the face to a $500 standalone Xbox One.
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Sanquine90  +   631d ago
Hahaha, that would be awesome! We announce a price drop for vita. And above that we have a new PS4 SKU to announce. Ps4 and vita for just $499 *PS* No DRM and no Online requirement*
LOGICWINS  +   631d ago
Id be shocked if this didnt happen! It would solidify Sony's edge this console generation.
Why o why  +   631d ago
Hmm, might make sense for real. I held out on the vita but a combo might just break me..:)
LOGICWINS  +   631d ago
^^And you KNOW Sony I'll throw in a year of Plus in that bundle too :-)
AceofStaves  +   631d ago
That would be great. I'd also really like it if Sony dropped the price on Vita memory cards. I've been enjoying the Minis games a lot and need some extra space.
Destrania  +   631d ago
I'm happy to have got mine pre-ordered on Amazon.
Foxgod  +   631d ago
Next gen is going to be bigger then the current one, that or the economy isnt so bad as we think.
Considering that both Sony and MS their sales surpass expectations.
hazardman  +   631d ago
Regardless of what fanboys think of either console. Both Sony and MS are doing well! I preordered both Im very excited for both consoles. Hey man all i know is i cant wait for next gen..Nov XBOne then(correct me if im wrong)PS4 in Dec.....Im Tony the Tiger right now man.....
R_aVe_N  +   631d ago
Sony has not announced the release date Dec is a placeholder....
WeAreLegion  +   631d ago

You are an enabler. Thanks for screwing the rest of us.
hazardman  +   630d ago

Who are you? So im an enabler, because i like gaming and i support multiple systems. To each his own man. Im not worrying myself of what fanboy gamers have to say....all i know is im gonna enjoy some great games next gen on my PS4 and Xbox One!
OllieBoy  +   631d ago
Yep, don't wait. Pre-order now. At $399, the demand this holiday is going to be insane.
ZBlacktt  +   631d ago
Do you have to sign up to read this news? Looks like it as I see nothing but a log in pop up.
GedoMazo  +   631d ago
I hope they reduce the price of ps3 to 200$ (250gb) this summer.
superterabyte  +   631d ago
$200 I think that's more than unlikely considering that's less than the price of the PS3 GTA V bundle.
wastedcells  +   631d ago
They will drop the price and do a grand turismo 6 bundle for sure. So maybe they wait for then?
Alexander24  +   631d ago
Am I smelling another generation of PlayStation Domination like the PS1 and PS2?!?!?!?!?!?!?
sashimi  +   631d ago
All indications points to yes

Myst-Vearn  +   631d ago
the demand and positivity surrounding the PS4 reminds me of the PS2

awesome to see Sony and the PS brand back to their best.
Sanquine90  +   631d ago
Already pre ordered mine:) I hope Sony and ofcourse Nintendo will survive this gen. I think those two should co exist. ( IMO i always have a sony and nintendo console under my tv)
MrMayhem28  +   631d ago
Yup already got 4 of my friends that only play on 360 to pre order ps4
Shadow Flare  +   631d ago
Kaz Hirai salutes you
Master-H  +   631d ago
RandomDude655  +   631d ago
Holy smokes....didn't they predict 13 million for end of fiscal year?
SweatyFlorida  +   631d ago
PS4...the PS2 reborn! Let your reign bring many years of games and happiness for gamers.
DigitalRaptor  +   631d ago
Pre-ordered. There's little reason not to support this one.
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superterabyte  +   631d ago
Also Sony's stock has almost doubled since the turn of the year despite talks of the breakup of the company's divisions.
RandomDude655  +   631d ago
I bought at the bottom.

*Kaz laugh
izumo_lee  +   631d ago
Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, Sony is making the comeback to the prominence they once obtained when they led the industry. Where gaming didn't nickle & dime the gamer with stupid sh*t!
zoks310  +   631d ago
Excited2play  +   631d ago
They deserve all the success the future brings them.

They fought for our rights as consumers and gamers.
supremacy  +   631d ago
with reactions like these http://www.youtube.com/watc... why wouldn't they?

Also just look at whats happening around retail after the above... http://www.computerandvideo... and http://www.bubblews.com/new...

Yeah ill say it makes a ton of sense.
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PSjesus  +   631d ago
time to buy some stocks......or PS4

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