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EA: PS4 and Xbox One 8x more powerful than current-gen, praises similar hardware

XMNR: Electronic Arts had plenty to say about the PS4 and Xbox One during a shareholder's call on Wednesday including how much more powerful the machines are than the PS3 and Xbox 360 and how the publisher will benefit from similar architectures. (Battlefield 4, PS4, Xbox One)

BadboyCivic  +   684d ago
WiiU is 2 times the power of X1 and PS4.

If you don't believe me, ask Super Mario
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golding89  +   684d ago
Lol nice
Kevlar009  +   684d ago
Now that's playing with Power
Nafon  +   684d ago
with all of the fanboys on this site, I'm very surprised no one took you seriously lol
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Foxgod  +   684d ago
Yeah, good thing the devs will have a lot less headaches, and a lot less manpower will be needed.

Good news for gaming.
n4f  +   684d ago
tsk tsk, its a business.
less manpower=same amount of game that used to require more people.
so in the boss of many studio, this mean more manpower for more game.
but yeah your are right we got more game in the end but lets hope quality wont be affected
M-M  +   684d ago
"We're going to be able to create experiences that are going to be 60 frames a second, 1080p."

I wonder if that statement is related to BF4.
Majin-vegeta  +   684d ago
Its already been confirmed 60FpS on next gen consoles.
M-M  +   684d ago
They didn't confirm that it would be in 1080p though, kind of worries me that they say it will be at 60FPS but didn't mention the resolution.
Muigi  +   684d ago
They confirmed 60fps at e3.
ThyMagicSword  +   684d ago
Especially the Ps4, Xbox One maybe 3 "One" time more powerful than Xbox 360.
tuglu_pati  +   684d ago
Ms already said the XBone is 8x more powerful that current gen. I think your statement is wrong, but then that makes PS4 12x more powerful, i could be wrong.

Could any one with some knowledge about this clarify?
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cyhm3112  +   684d ago
xbone is nowhere near 8x more powerful, you sheep still believe in EA, MS, what they says?
YNWA96  +   684d ago

All I have seen is people flocking over to PS4.... What was that about sheep again?
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mrmancs  +   684d ago
Wait this can't be right , the ps4 is 60% more powerful the xbone , so my calculations make it xbone is eight times whilst the ps4 is around 13 times... Correct?
tuglu_pati  +   684d ago
so now is 60% i thought it was 50% you guys have to make up your mind.
awi5951  +   684d ago
The ps4 numbers are crap teraflops dont mean crap so they ps4 can do 1.8 terra flops big woop my 3 year old graphics card can do 2.0 teraflops?
tuglu_pati  +   684d ago
So if the Xbox One is 8x more powerful than current gen, and the PS4 is 50% more powerfull than X One that makes the PS4 what? 12x more powerful that current gen. Just wondering.
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awi5951  +   684d ago
Terraflops dont mean crap. Ps4 can do 1.8 terraflops my 3 year old pc gpu can do 2 terraflops thats just a fancy numbers it doenst mean crap if it doesnt run games at those numbers.
YNWA96  +   684d ago
Some teraflops, but a lot of flip flopping over a stupid number....
ThyMagicSword  +   684d ago
Because the Ps4 is 50% more powerful than Xbox One, they musn't be around 12 or 13 times more powerful than current gen, eight times more and the Ps4 50% more than Greytone (Xbox One), you're doing wrong with Facts, don't ya?
tuglu_pati  +   684d ago
right! that makes sense.
Nafon  +   684d ago
That is just theoretical power. The 50% more power came from http://www.sonyrumors.net/2... (among other places). The speed of RAM isn't that important for gaming, and FLOPS, well, its very debateable. just google "do flops matter" and most places say that it depends. here's just one (idk where it came from or if it can be trusted though lol) http://www.hpcsaudi.com/wp-...

The PS4 is indeed more powerful, but how much more powerful it is and how much that will affect graphics and performance in games compared to the xb one is up to the developers to find out, and reveal. I can see microsoft paying devs/pubs to limit the ps4 version to keep the two equal.
TomOfAllTrades  +   684d ago
Lol at the people disagreeing that the PS4 is more powerful than Xbox, it's not a trolling attempt it's FACT, so quit with the dislikes it's getting childish.
Hercules189  +   684d ago
We do not know the final specs yet, and how it affects the games. Its only a rumor that ps4 is 50% more powerful, and if it is will it make a huge difference in graphics quality, we will have to wait a few more mnths to find out, till then its nothing but speculation.
awi5951  +   684d ago
And terra flop numbers are a total joke pc cards had faster terraflop numbers from 3 years ago.
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dark_101  +   684d ago
X1= 8X
PS4= 10X

PC= ∞X

Lol jk guys
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GraveLord  +   684d ago
PS4 is significantly more powerful than Xbox One actually. Its ridiculous to not point that out and cram both of together like that.
cyhm3112  +   684d ago
yes, it is ridiculous so many people believe these bs. Do you remember that leaked 58 or something pages documents back some months ago, even MS themselves stated it is 4 to 6 times more powerful, now they changed, hahaha.
cyhm3112  +   684d ago
xbone 4 to 5X
PS4 8 to 10X
YNWA96  +   684d ago
Atari St x4 > atari xl.....

Whats the point? This what your life comes down to?
chavafx  +   684d ago
wow microsoft really impressme in the game department sony spend 1 hour of showing game play of multyplat. games that are coming to xbox one and they show only cutscenes/tech demos and no new games other then the 4 games at the ps4 reveal...

vs microsoft a lot more exclusives

dead rasing 3 ---- looks amazing

plants vs zombies 2 ---- looks amazing

ryse son of rome -- looks amazing

new halo ---- why not

spark------ looks very good

Sunset Overdrive
the new insombniac game ------looks amazing

killer instinct ------ looks very good

titan fall------looks amazing

forza motor sports 5------well looks amazing

quantum break-------looks amazing

fantasya -------well looks good for the music people

kinect sports rivals------ looks fun firs family

below---- xbla

D4---looks ok

so far i will get 5 games for my xbox one on day one

ryse looks amazing
dead rasing 3 looks super fun and amazing
plants vs zombies 2 looks super fun
watch dogs
battlefield 4

i pre order both xbox one and ps4

for my ps4 only one game looks amazing and fun
and i can't wait for
infamus second sun
but thats it.
all multy platforms games are for the best controller/best online service
wich i think we all know what that is
YNWA96  +   683d ago
Your kind of thinking is not allowed here....

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