EA: PS4 and Xbox One 8x more powerful than current-gen, praises similar hardware

XMNR: Electronic Arts had plenty to say about the PS4 and Xbox One during a shareholder's call on Wednesday including how much more powerful the machines are than the PS3 and Xbox 360 and how the publisher will benefit from similar architectures.

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BadboyCivic1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

WiiU is 2 times the power of X1 and PS4.

If you don't believe me, ask Super Mario

Kevlar0091809d ago

Now that's playing with Power

Nafon1809d ago

with all of the fanboys on this site, I'm very surprised no one took you seriously lol

Foxgod1809d ago

Yeah, good thing the devs will have a lot less headaches, and a lot less manpower will be needed.

Good news for gaming.

n4f1809d ago

tsk tsk, its a business.
less manpower=same amount of game that used to require more people.
so in the boss of many studio, this mean more manpower for more game.
but yeah your are right we got more game in the end but lets hope quality wont be affected

M-M1809d ago

"We're going to be able to create experiences that are going to be 60 frames a second, 1080p."

I wonder if that statement is related to BF4.

Majin-vegeta1809d ago

Its already been confirmed 60FpS on next gen consoles.

M-M1809d ago

They didn't confirm that it would be in 1080p though, kind of worries me that they say it will be at 60FPS but didn't mention the resolution.

Muigi1809d ago

They confirmed 60fps at e3.

ThyMagicSword1809d ago

Especially the Ps4, Xbox One maybe 3 "One" time more powerful than Xbox 360.

tuglu_pati1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Ms already said the XBone is 8x more powerful that current gen. I think your statement is wrong, but then that makes PS4 12x more powerful, i could be wrong.

Could any one with some knowledge about this clarify?

cyhm31121809d ago

xbone is nowhere near 8x more powerful, you sheep still believe in EA, MS, what they says?

YNWA961809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )


All I have seen is people flocking over to PS4.... What was that about sheep again?

1809d ago
mrmancs1809d ago

Wait this can't be right , the ps4 is 60% more powerful the xbone , so my calculations make it xbone is eight times whilst the ps4 is around 13 times... Correct?

tuglu_pati1809d ago

so now is 60% i thought it was 50% you guys have to make up your mind.

awi59511809d ago

The ps4 numbers are crap teraflops dont mean crap so they ps4 can do 1.8 terra flops big woop my 3 year old graphics card can do 2.0 teraflops?

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The story is too old to be commented.