Xbox One Could Be A Major Target For Hackers

If there’s one thing hackers like, it’s a challenge combined with the kudos earned from managing to be the first to open up a closed platform. The stricter the service, the more joy there is in cracking it open.

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pedrof931648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

And not to mention it also has windows 8 OS.

Which means there some virus ready to be caught.

Pillsbury11648d ago

Guess you need anti virus on your xbone.

blackbeld1648d ago


Anti virus creates more heating issues and finally RROD.

CarlosX3601648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Actually, it's not just the OS. It's the whole thing. There are THREE (3) operating systems. Since, the whole thing is powered mostly by Windows - the potential is only a nightmare for Microsoft.

Okay, never mind the Windows 8 OS - that little part can spread into the other OS'es in Xbox One if Microsoft is careless.

And historically, this is what Microsoft wants. They invited hackers to try and hack not only Kinect, they also invited hackers to try Xbox Live.

Thatguy-3101648d ago

Anything that is ALWAYS CONNECTED runs the risk of getting hack. If someone wanted to they would do it.

Belking1648d ago

yep, just ask sony. they know this better than anyone.

Why o why1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Play nice dont any of us to call brutally honest to 'av a word' again.

Lets hope this hacking doesn't happen. We should not hope for any madnesses like that on any console, even the most draconian one.

titletownrelo1648d ago

what's going to suck is when Xbox Live has to go under maintenance

mistecheese1648d ago

"[insane laughter] look at all the games I cant play right now!"

KumquatGOATBEEF1648d ago

I agree. At least if the PSN goes down you can still use your PS4 to play games offline, watch movies, use internet services, etc. This "always online Xbox" thing looks worse and worse all the time.

animegamingnerd1648d ago

if i was a hacker i would say challenge accepted

Godmars2901648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

To what level? Seems to be many choices:

- Hack the network?
- Hack the camera? Someone's personal camera?
- Hack the console so that its playable offline?

And to be fair, Sony's likely not doing themselves any favors either not copying MS. They tried being open before with Other OS and got bit in the arse for it. With many in the gaming community cheering on the hackers besides.

Software_Lover1648d ago

I've been saying it............

X86 architecture, that has been hacked forever ago, is asking for trouble. The only companies that are fairing well in that area, that I can see thus far, are some of the audio software companies. Propellerhead, Steinberg, Avid before Pro tools 9 (everything was tied to hardware DRM), Uaudio (everything is tied to hardware DRM).

Sony and Microsoft are just asking for trouble unless they put measures in place to make the hardware drm.................. like it wont work without a 24hr checkin.

Reason has not been hacked since Reason 5, they are now on 7.
Cubase has not been hacked since 5, they are now on 7.

Those guys use a method that is a B!tch to crack. All of my UAD plugins are tied to hardware DRM. I remove the hardware, they will not work, mainly because they work through the hardware.

I dont agree with the way Microsoft is handling it, but they knew what they were getting themselves into, Windows has been hacked since forever you know.

NatureOfLogic1648d ago

- Hack the console so that its playable offline?

Which means this will be a pirates dream machine. The very thing MS is trying to combat.

KillrateOmega1648d ago

It's always online. Always running the risk of being targeted by a hacker or group of them.

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