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Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Says PS4 Can Offload Calculations To Cloud, if Developers Choose

Microsoft has touted the Xbox One's cloud-computing capabilities, promising that the system's hardware resources can be freed up by accessing remote servers that handle AI and physics calculations. Those remote computations, Microsoft says, will allow the Xbox One, unlike the Xbox 360, to become more powerful over time. (PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

Sonyslave3  +   849d ago
Wait but I thought MS where lying when they said that.
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SlavisH2  +   849d ago
wouldn't you have to ALWAYS be connected to use this feature?
Nitrowolf2  +   849d ago
Why would you always have to be online? (Sarcasm aside)

If a game uses it, then that game can be mandated as an always online title, but theres' no reason for the console to have it.

This goes without saying that the PS4 has good ram something that cloud computing was suppose to help the xbox One.

Either way, I don't get the reasoning other than wanting money for always Online.

BTW I don't get whats the big deal with this. Can't pretty much any console do it if they make it right?
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Blackdeath_663  +   849d ago
yes i believe so i've been waiting for some dev or somone to come out and say it. to do this cloud processing nonsense you would need a constant internet connection to play that game like sim city which is supposedly run off the cloud. the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages you will achieve very little it won't make your game run or look much better and even if it does it's not enough to justify a constant connection needed to play that game
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Mikelarry  +   849d ago
@ slavis ha i see what you did there

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Sy_Wolf  +   849d ago
Only if the developers made it a mandatory part of the game, and then you would only have to be online if you were playing that game. So no, it wouldn't require that the PS4 have a constant Internet connection.
webeblazing  +   849d ago
here to prove what they said is a lie and not saying they can do it (MS im talking about) if they said Titanfall calculation is going make a difference and thats why they re exclusive then why is the game coming out on pc most likely EA is going to capitalize on the response and get more people to sign up for origins. so how is that possible??? as soon as they said that everyone should knew sony could do the same thing with Gaikai
Ju  +   849d ago
Titanfall has nothing to do with "cloud" or Gaikai. All they do is to offload bot AI to the server. Titanfall add's a number of AI controlled NPCs to an online game. That's like running an online game on a dedicated server which also runs local bots - for you as a player that is no different than a human player controlling another online player. It will not increase nothing but "simulate" more players by the AI. Of course you can do that with any system that supports dedicated servers as have plenty of games in the past. The new component here is bots mixed into online game - they can reiterate the "no-bots" argument all they want. Bots usually run locally, these NPCs don't, the server controls them. But effectively there is no difference and it sure doesn't require "teh cloud".
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webeblazing  +   849d ago
yeah Ju that was my point i was going to give the link what they said in the press conference but you hit the nail on the head its nothing really new it do add to the admisphere to the game tho not knocking it just point it out

gave u bubb

its at 3:10 if anyone was wondering what i was talking bout

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PirateThom  +   849d ago
No one said they were lying about how it works, it's just not as big a deal as Microsoft are trying to make out. Hell, realistically, any console could do it as long as it has an internet connection.

It's not a unique feature nor a replacement for a suitably powerful machine and it's certainly not going to extend the life of any console.
a_bro  +   849d ago
their using that marketing tactic to mask the real reason as to why you need to be always online for cloud computing, DR F**KING M. thats why.

plus that whole about rendering graphics in the cloud and pushing it to the system is a load of bull.
PirateThom  +   849d ago
Yeah, Yoshida is being realistic and straight forward (same as the rest of this whole Sony/Microsoft thing) and saying it's not really suitable for anything complex due to latency and bandwidth, it certainly doesn't make your console x40 more powerful because you can just push graphically intense scenes or parts of scenes off to a remote server to do the hard work and stream it back.

Basically, Microsoft are lying about what the cloud service is capable of. Lying. Again.
yesmynameissumo  +   849d ago
Folding at Home was cloud computing (distributed computing). This is nothing new. No matter what MS says.
YNWA96   848d ago | Bad language | show
Well sony tends to be up front and M$ hides things so maybe M$ is lying.
The_Infected  +   849d ago
People are like wouldn't you have to be always on to use this feature? Ok the answer would be yea because it would be used in a online multiplayer game anyways therefor you would obviously be online in the first place. The offload wouldn't take affect in single player games most likely.

Glad Sony put this out there I was wondering if Gaikai could do this.
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jerethdagryphon  +   849d ago
i managed to read the article
and it basically says yea clouds already handle a lot of back end multiplayer stuff but theres a limit to what you can do due to latenrcy and bandwidth.

it goes onto say that if devs want to use cloud procressing sony will support that as long as its flagged or made clear
NateCole  +   849d ago
Huh?. MS is lying about getting 3 times the power of an X1 or 3.2 TFLOPS with just a broadband connection.

Do you even understand?.
kingPoS  +   849d ago
Heck you'd need google fiber to even come close to making that happen.

What with how stubborn most US ISP's are in all, I don't see that scenario coming to past any time soon.
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abzdine  +   849d ago
the way they said it was a lie and a manipulation to naive customers.. but after all their lies maybe their cloud isnt capable of much

Greatness awaits
vulcanproject  +   849d ago
It only works in a very limited way.

Sony are just saying whatever you can do online- we can do too. Don't try and push it as a selling point :)

We knew this anyway didn't we though?

No exclusive cloudssss for Microsoft!!!
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BluEx610  +   849d ago
We said they were lying that the Cloud = the power of 3 Xbox One's using Cloud computing. We didn't say computational cloud gaming is impossible. Why can't I do this to my PC where I turn my $300 Graphic card into a $1000 Titan via cloud computing? Bam internet goes down and you're back to current gen settings lol.
GraveLord  +   849d ago
They were overblowing how useful it is. It isn't that useful which is why Sony hasn't talked about it like its the next coming of Jesus.
ABizzel1  +   849d ago
Only fanboys said they were lying.

However, they're lying if they think moving calculations to the cloud is going to make makes these consoles have significantly better graphics.

It can save the CPU and GPU from rendering task like Lighting, particle effects, physics, and background task, but it's not going to double the power of the PS4 or X1. At best they'll get 20% overall performance boost from saving CPU and GPU task.

Now what could help is streaming games directly from the cloud off of dedicated servers, like Gaikai and Onlive were doing.

But the problem with both is lag (which is a bigger problem for streaming full games than calculations), and internet connection.

It's possible, just don't expect to be wow'ed by any of it.
Nocando  +   849d ago
How the hell would you know about either service?
ABizzel1  +   849d ago

Because Onlive and Gaikai had their resources publicly displayed. I'm sure you can still find the information and articles.

Also knowing how computer systems and servers work helps.

Using Gaikai and Onlive you can scale how the performance "should be" Gaikai ran games at PC standard but 30fps, Onlive was around console standard 60fps.

Do some research if you want to know something. Matter of fact I think Eurogamer has a post of the Gaikai vs. Onlive services after the info was leaked.
rainslacker  +   849d ago
They weren't lying, just exagerrating what could be achieved by it.

Quote from article
" Yoshida said, adding that there are limitations to what processes can be offloaded to a remote computer, due to latency and bandwidth."

The Forza demo at the MS conference showed a good use of asynchronous computing. It was a real world application to what this article is talking about.

However MS was making it seem like you could triple the processing power of the console and push it through the user connection to make everything just super awesome so the lower specs of the X1 didn't matter. MS used smoke and mirrors, while Sony is saying you can do some things on it, but it will be limited in scope.
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Foxgod  +   849d ago
Ofcourse they can, only thing is MS owns the second largest cloud in the world.
The question is, will Sony buy in enough resources from the samsung cloud, (gaikai is samsung cloud) to match the size of the MS Azure cloud?

Because when it comes to cloud environments, the bigger they are, the more people you can serve and the more complex cloud offloading you can do.
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The_Infected  +   849d ago
Gaikai is Samsung Cloud? Wtf you talking about?
Foxgod  +   849d ago
Gaikai is a service, they buy their cloud resources from large cloud distributors, such as Amazon, Samsung, IBM and Microsoft.
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PirateThom  +   849d ago
Gaikai provide cloud servers, Samsung run their gaming service on smart TVs through Gaikai...
Foxgod  +   849d ago
Yesh Gaikai provides servers, but they dont own them.
They buy in cloud sever resources from major cloud company's such as google, MS, IBM, Amazon.
What Gakai did was develop a gaming streaming service that is installed on that cloud, and on the ps4.

Hence they are a cloud service provider, and not a cloud server provider.
A lot of the resources come from their partner Samsung, while western gamers more likely connect to amazon servers.
If Gakai had a large cloud of its own, SOny would not have been able to buy them for 300+ million.
The azure cloud alone is worth billions.

MS on the other hand, is a cloud storage/server provider, as they own the Azure cloud.
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PirateThom  +   849d ago
Wait.... what do you think Gaikai is?

They own datacentres around the world.

They were cheap, because they were looking to be bought.
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yesmynameissumo  +   849d ago
Foxgod is clearly trying to sound as if he knows what he's talking about. Protip: He doesn't have a clue.
thebudgetgamer  +   849d ago
I thought Sony bought it straight out.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   849d ago
Sony has a system that's about 50% more powerful than the xbox one. Plus they have Gaikai to stream full fledge games to the PS4/PS Vita. So no... the cloud doesn't give you graphical boosts, this is basically Sony calling MS out on their BS Marketing spin.
solidsheep  +   849d ago
If its a sunny clear day do i get less power from the cloud?
GentlemenRUs  +   849d ago
Quality > Quantity

That's all I need to say ;)

M$ might own a lot of cloud servers but it's the quality of those servers which matter!
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Foxgod  +   849d ago
Azure cloud is very reliable, only Amazon beats them currently.

And Gaikai buys resources from reliable providers, so Gakai is reliable as long as they keep doing that.
HammadTheBeast  +   849d ago
Of the cloud, how many servers are physical?

Also, Cloud cannot do ANY active processing, it would completely kill the flow of the game unless you had a fibre optic cable and the best internet.

Nocando  +   849d ago
Why are people disagreeing?
OlgerO  +   849d ago
This can help to get some very minor improvements, the cloud does not magically make your console 5 times as powerfull
The_Infected  +   849d ago
Exactly it could offload AI, and physics but that's great because the power is unlimited in those in the cloud. Is Sony getting dedicated servers with Gaikai for games like Xbox One? Man Sony really needs that for their network!
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mrmancs  +   849d ago
Thankfully the ps4 doesn't need this feature....
Corpser  +   849d ago
Yes then if a game use this feature it will have to be always online, if it's not optional, Destiny is like that right? Makes you wonder how many ps4 will be like that
Destrania  +   849d ago
True, Destiny is an MMO game. I think we're going to be seeing a lot of open world and MMO's this next gen, just because it's easier to pull off than ever before. Bigger, better, more expansive games. Social integration is also going to be a big part of next-gen, which I think will be cool. I think if you get a PS4 and decide not to go online (which is an option), you'll be missing out on quite a lot.
ThyMagicSword  +   849d ago
Joke, dude. The Ps4 is already 50% more powerful than the Xbox One, even if their cloud isn't as big as Microsoft's, with 50% of Advantage at Launch already, a small cloud would be enough to surpass the Xbox One. Gnahahaha
Destrania  +   849d ago
This type of thing could be used for MMO's or something like that in the future, but really, right now it doesn't mean much of anything. It's not going to affect standard offline games with online multiplayer, only a dedicated online game imo.
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WalterWJR  +   849d ago
Wait so all this talk from Microsoft's with there cloud rendering and Sony just casually says it's not a big deal and easily done.

Sony is really giving me an Xboner this E3.
SIX  +   849d ago
I'm willing to bet because of Gaikai, they will be able to do it better. Not like it matters. I'm not drinking this ,"cloud makes our system four times more powerful" garbage anyways.
ThyMagicSword  +   849d ago
I bet that open world and RPG elements will be a common future in almost every game in future, that's because I will not buy Killzone: Shadow fall and games with no open world, open world and dynamic effects should be in every game now, there are no more excuses. Online is only secondary, good singleplayer games with open world and I'm sold. Most MMORPG's will not have the graphics of classic open world RPG's or Action RPG's like Witcher 3, FF XV, the new Fallout and Elder Scrolls (not ES Online). So a unneccessary Feature...
dethpuck  +   849d ago
Sony is so honest and up front about things like paid multiplayer lol. I love people freaking out and jumping ship to the perceived hero
WalterWJR  +   849d ago
I never used to care for the who, what and when's of the console wars but Xbox have really pissed me off in recent years which is why I big up Sony.

I am first to admit that I used to call out Xbox players for there online fees but I did pay for xbox live when I was younger for a while and believe Sony offer more with PS+ anyway.
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sway_z  +   849d ago
The Cloud features can be done on an iphone...it's nothing particularly special at this point. But in 10 years from now, I think we'll start seeing the significance of the technology. It's a developing technology.


I strongly believe MS's Cloud Power statements is pure PR spin. Which suggests MS were aware they couldn't compete with Sony on power in the long term.

Think about it....If MS's Cloud tech could really x3 the power, and merely requires a constant internet connection, then why doesn't MS boost 360 so it can handle more players online for COD/BF4?

...by MS' statements, 64 players on 360 should be easy, but no, because of course it's not true!
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ThyMagicSword  +   849d ago
sway, don't compare the cloud Feature of your Iphone with the ones of the new consoles, you can't compare a fly to an elephant in Terms of weight. But this weight will only represent a overweight for hardcore gamer like me, the only who Play the whole day online games and MMORPG's are a bunch of chatters and cheater, philosophies like chatting with virtual figures is one part of this rather low species of gamer. The high gamer is the solitary and brute singleplayer.

Definition: A hard bone, who Plays alone and concentrate himself to the very core of the game and it's difficulty in order to achieve all Goals in game. You will probably Play games like Fifa with your Girl/boyfriend in front of screeny Screen, dudesome dude.
ThyMagicSword  +   849d ago
The library of a very hardcore gamer is smaller than the library of common gamer, he will mostly buy artistic masterpieces with a certain difficulty Level, and of course balanced games. Not the ones like Crysis, only graphics and nothing else matters...
chamber  +   849d ago
Anyone can do the Cloud(yes Mictrosoft has a strong infrastructure), but Microsoft is using it as some kind of PR stunt to cover up their weaker hardware and give reason for their always online console and restrictive DRM. Cloud may be good for some things but its not this infinite source of power like Microsoft is making it out to be.

Still not convinced about the 300k physical servers, why the big jump suddenly if you don't know if the demands is there. I wonder if they are including the numbers of the normal azure cloud service to inflate that number.
#15 (Edited 849d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
KillrateOmega  +   849d ago
Another reason I'm really liking Sony nowadays, they're being honest, straightforward, and sensible. No lying, no bs, just telling it like it is.

Definitely something that I find respectable :)
Nocando  +   849d ago
kingPoS  +   849d ago
You know what makes confidant about the PS4 - Sony's not overtly boastful.
Loki86  +   849d ago
Gaikai is a cloud streaming service unless Sony has bought into Google, amazon, or Azure it will definitely not be possible to do cloud computing.
rainslacker  +   849d ago
Gaikai offers quite a few cloud services, not just game streaming. They are most known for that though because they made a consumer product out of it.
sypher  +   849d ago
Anything that can connect to the internet already has and does cloud stuff. Accessing Amazon.com and adding an item to the cart is a cloud feature (processes are being done on an amazon server) so basically anything which you are using which is affecting and changing data on another server somewhere like pretty much every website in the world.

The problem is much like websites they can only do basic stuff and simple calculations. Because bandwidth is limited. Yeh its getting better but no where near the level it would need to be to actually make any kind of difference. So the whole discussion is pointless and used as a marketing gimmick.
jmac53  +   849d ago
This is all marketing hyperbole from both companies. The cloud improving graphics and performance is just not feasible until next next gen and then at that point we will we see things like "game requires 8-10 Mbps". I sometimes have problems at work streaming Gmusic on a T1 connection.
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