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PS4: Sony undercuts Xbox One and banks on gamer-friendly options

The PS4's black box design appeared similar to the Xbox One but was priced $100 cheaper and will let consumers use secondhand software, affording a wide choice of games. (E3, PS4, Xbox One)

blackbeld  +   563d ago
The price will sure help faster install base.

Sony will lead this gen for sure.
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Dunpeal  +   562d ago
i dunno about "for sure" you're underestimating the large number of pleebs with money out there

i would say it looks very likely at this point though

@ Skynetone

I agree, but I think people are underestimating how many "sheeple" are out there lol

I would be amazed if Xbone is a dramatic fail (aka sales lag by a wide margin behind PS4). Internet's comments on gaming sites does not adequately reflect entire population of consumers

lol @ disagrees. i'm talking logic ppl
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Skynetone  +   562d ago
only sheeple will be buying an xbox

sheeple is a term in which people are likened to sheep, a herd animal. The term is used to describe those who voluntarily acquiesce to a suggestion without critical analysis or research.
HammadTheBeast  +   562d ago
And MS as the false shepherd, will try to lead...

Boody-Bandit  +   562d ago
Sony is going to significantly out pace MS next generation. Same launch window, $100 dollars cheaper, no unnecessary restrictions, NO DRM, open ended peripheral based system, a plethora of studios that create incredible games and new IP's every generation, consumer friendly product all around.

MS couldn't have possibly made more mistakes heading into this next generation. I know dozens of MS fans that are not getting the X1 and most of them have already pre-ordered the PS4. I only know 2 people that are actually either getting or considering the X1. MS will be an also ran next gen as long as these restrictions and DRM stay in place.

The demographic they are trying to attract wont spend $500 dollars for a console. More often than not the early adopters dictate the direction the console heads. Right now Sony has the wind at their back and are very humble and modest about it. Mean while MS are snubbing their noses at the negativity surrounding their decisions and policies with the XBOX ONE.

Good luck with that MS.
You're going to need it.
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Dunpeal  +   562d ago
@ B.honest

my basic point is it's all a bunch of conjecture at this point. Seriously, how can anyone argue that? lol. it's a fact

I agree, it looks grim for MS, but unless anyone has crystal ball powers, NOBODY knows how this will turn out

but I know N4G is like the bermuda triangle of logic most of the time
Boody-Bandit  +   562d ago
What did I write that wasn't logical?
The PS3 is ahead of the 360 worldwide in sales. Sony launched more than a year after MS, had a more expensive console, was a harder system to develop for and Sony did not take online gaming seriously out of the gate and had to play catch up.

Sony significantly outsold their competition in both previous generations. It wasn't even close. Nintendo, so far, is doing well below expectations with the Wii U and MS is taken way too many chances with the XBOX ONE with their unnecessary restrictions, FULL DRM and being the most expensive of the 3.

Did you not see the response of everyone at the Sony E3 event when the announced they will have no such restrictions or DRM and will cost $100 less than their main competitor? The crowd went nuts!

My response was 100% honest, logical and using basic common sense. I am an MS gamer. I have favored MS the past decade plus over all other consoles and PC gaming (which I own all). I know a TON of gamers that also favored MS the past decade plus as well. Most of them are beyond fed up with the direction MS is taken with the X1. Even my son, 20 year old that grew up with a controller in his hand that has barely touched a Sony product the last 2 generations, doesn't want an XBOX ONE. This is real what is going on with the negativity towards MS.

Also take into consideration that MS has roughly sold 77 million 360's. Yet look at the active XBL accounts both Gold and Silver to the ratio of 360's sold. MS is basically 86in 40% of their current user base with having to have an online 24hr verification.

So where is the logic in not seeing how Sony is anything but in the drivers seat headed into the next generation of hardware?
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Dunpeal  +   562d ago
@ B.Honest

yeah, I wasn't meaning to say you're being illogical. that's my fault for not clarifying. that is aimed to all the disagrees to my original comment.

I agree with you and every other person with common sense. Sony does appear to be in the driver's seat, as you put it, heading into the next gen

first dude's comment said Sony was gonna win next gen "for sure," all I was saying is nobody can "for sure" how things are gonna play out next gen
GraveLord  +   562d ago
I wonder how many Xbox fans jumping ship and trying out Killzone? That seems to be the best selling gameon Gamestop so far.
blackbeld  +   562d ago
Even die hard fanboys knows DRM is no good for everybody.

Only rich people who do not know the restrictions will buy the XBone.
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Dunpeal  +   562d ago
double post
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Chapter11  +   562d ago
How fucked will be if the PS4 fails and the One sells really well?
blackbeld  +   562d ago
I think then we both are special?

And the rest are normal people that likes to throw money in the river?

Don't you worry PS4 will sell better for sure.
HammadTheBeast  +   562d ago
Well, as of now, Amazon and Blockbuster pre orders favour ps4.

Also, about 90% of the people I know, a few of which I didn't even know played on consoles, said they're excited to get a PS4.
blackbeld  +   562d ago
The funny thing is my colleague is a die hard Xbox fan and today he finally see the light.

He will buy PS4 cause his cousin also will buy a PS4.

Finally we gamers are united again.
PositiveEmotions  +   562d ago
Technically PS4 already won because the PS4 is going all out :)
Grave  +   562d ago
Whoa ... a gaming console that's gamer friendly?! Who'd would've thunk it.
Ozmoses  +   562d ago
the price was the icing on cake... I had PS4 100% chosen back when they first announced both.. The entire first day of E3 solidified PS4 and Sony.. I watched everything live except Ubisoft. that's the only press event I missed.

Already Pre-ordered

PS4, Battlefield 4, The Order 1886
Bruce_Wayne  +   562d ago
Honestly, I was expecting the PS4 price at around $449 but when I saw the price at $399 I couldn't believe my eyes lol. I even typed it on Google and visited several websites for confirmation.
Bruce_Wayne  +   562d ago
"The PS4's black box design appeared similar to the Xbox One but was priced $100 cheaper and will let consumers use secondhand software, affording a wide choice of games."

The Used-Games fiasco will play a major role here.

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