Rumor: Sonic Unleashed Rumblings

Ever since the info got leaked regarding Sonic Unleashed, a lot has been said. Here's some of the buzz from a trustworthy source.

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iamtehpwn3711d ago

No 360 version?

Wii version..eeh..who would buy that? lol

bigjclassic3711d ago

Sonic Rush+Secret Rings? sounds good but SEGA has to pull it together.
As fas as the comment about Wii/PS3 version, Wii version would sale more.

Veied3711d ago

I couldn't care less about a new sonic Game. Looks like they are using the same gfx engine since the first sonic on the dreamcast and all the 3d one were boring imo.

Jakan3711d ago

God, I hope Wolf-Sonic is lie.
Please be some sort of sick twisted joke!
Honestly, who comes with this garbage?! Wolf-Sonic? are you serious?!