Reggie Fils-Aime: 'I gave up' on understanding why the media reports 'what they do' a long time ago

In a bold statement today, Reggie Fils-Aime said that he 'gave up' on understanding why the gaming media reports what they report when it comes to Nintendo news. He made this statement in regards to the numerous reports that Nintendo wouldn't be at E3 just because they weren't holding a traditional conference.

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Cam9772011d ago

Ah, I feel sorry for him. Poor Nintendo.

mrbojingles2011d ago

Why? He's right. Dumb outlets reported that they wouldn't be at E3 when they had a good on floor showing. I think the industry is just upset that Nintendo can get away with doing things their own way.

Muffins12232011d ago

Their failing pretty bad right now and wih ps4 and xbox one coming around they look pretty screwed this generation...

Cam9772011d ago

I feel sorry for him because of these mis-informed journalists.

thehitman2011d ago

I would normally agree that the media normally spins stuff or over exagerate but in this case Nintendo is completely out of touch with what people want and its plain obvious from their sales to the support from publishers/developers to the media. That comment he made is almost an insult in a way because its like we going to do whatever we want regardless of people think and keep stinking up the joint. Nintendo need to look at Sony's playbook and start giving people what they REALLY want from developers to the gamers.

Legend_Killer2011d ago


now that's a familiar line (DS, Wii, 3DS)

LOL_WUT2011d ago

I don't feel sorry for them they brought this upon themselves IMO ;)

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Triforce0792011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Even i clocked everyone jumping on that as well i mean they clearly said they will be at E3 but not in a traditional way,its like when that ubisoft women said what she said about no new games she was mis-informed yet n4g jumped all over it saying ubisoft are cutting wiiu support when they are not ??

Have you noticed that lots of things on this site that get said are just getting a wiiu article and twisting it a little to make it negative then reap the few days of blagging everyone until it gets confirmed to be false,why still come on a site that just tells porkies constantly ???? good luck haters i'll be buying every game i saw for wiiu at E3,while you guys play drive club basically a poor mans project cars,and more rehashes of god of war and syphon filter good luck guys.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

It's not really this site.

This site and all others feed out of the same trough.

So whatever bad meal or food is in that trough it gets spread to everyone- then to us.

AND Actually, on this site we are the ones posting from other sites.

Shnazzyone2011d ago

Nintendo is pretty much the whipping boy of gaming. Despite their storied history of doing what's best for gaming as a whole. But it's okay, the people who whine and say the worst about nintendo are not the people who make Nintendo successful. The people who want Nintendo franchise games couldn't care less because they know the Nintendo brand means a great quality game.

Axonometri2011d ago

I understand one half of this comment and mindset... on the other hand... Nintendo seems to have a huge blindness problem as of late. Not caring what media and consumers who hear and listen to media is a massive Fail comment.

Nintendo! You have to listen. And by the way... I was looking forward to Wind Waker... but you didn't even remodel or re-texture anything. An HD version? Remapping controls and adding light bloom is not HD remake IMO.

mrbojingles2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

What are you talking about? Clearly the game has new 1080p textures and is a ground up remake. It obviously looks the same because, well how else would it look?

Also, they're fixing the triforce fetch quest and tingle tuner in it too. As well as making sailing less painful.

Axonometri2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Super! It is the same game and most of its assets are the same. It is just mapped to the Gamepad and running at 1080.
The other stuff is just, Stuff. I like Nintendo, but the decisions are mind numbing. Especially seeing how they have the money to do more.

1080p textures? LOL

Triforce0792011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Very stupid and immature these sony and microsoft fanboys sheesh even if they know something is just plain fake they will still take it because since ps3/360 they think they should have superior graphics over Nintendo and it's just not going to happen now,the graphics from wiiu games look far superior in my eyes,X,Beyonneta2,MK8 ect look much better than anything from Sony,Microsoft,specially Microsoft's E3,and run in 1080p native,60fps,something Killzone doesn't do try 720p/30fps developer confirmed this and if it does go 60fps expect worse graphics than at E3 which would mean basically ps3 graphics slightly upgraded.

Shnazzyone2011d ago

Yeah, it looks massively uprezzed to me, the tingle tuner thing is odd though. replaced by random messages in a bottle via miiverse. Love hearing they scaled down the triforce shard quest. I look forward to smiling ear to ear as i sail hyrule with that sweeping musical score changing the camera angles to look totally badass.

N4g_null2011d ago

I think Nintendo knows a smear campaign when they. You have to remember their franchise sale in the 10 million and up so I would say they are satisfying the people that matter not the vocal online fanboys or sheep.

Go and pay for your online play why don't you. I'm sure you wanted that. Need some optional drm? Ummmm taste so so good. Also how are those prefect scoring games playing? Fun stuff huh. You are bitter at the wrong people.

Dj7FairyTail2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

why listen when
- doom and gloom articles
- should put games on mobile
- should go third party
- Make new IPs when they have over 70 IPs

They only listen to those who are fans, loyal and supporters not those who want them to fail, don't understand them, don't want to buy their product or bashed them repeatedly.

NYC_Gamer2011d ago

N64 was my last Nintendo console and doubt i'll buy another long as things keep on this route

thehitman2011d ago

n64 and gamecube were my last two and I agree w/ you those are probably my last. Also played a lot of super nintendo back in the day since my cousin had it. When Sony came out w/ the ps2 and games like Socom I ditched Nintendo and never looked back.

Donnieboi2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Iwata. The only major difference since the Gamecube up until now (which means he was responsible for much of the state of Nintendo [post n64 era] ever since he became prez).

I shutter at the thought of Nintendo finally becoming a super power again. Man, Nintendo has so much potential. But then you have Iwata. I just can't understand what he's doing.

But I still will buy a wii u, just to add to my console collection.

@ Poprocks (below this comment): Thanks, I respect your view on this, and your respect for a gaming legend such as president Iwata. Iwata had a stellar record at HAL laboratories. But as a president, I don't think he is good for Nintendo imo. Also, I know there is a board, but we don't know anything about them. All we have is the person that this board put in charge. So if he's the big cheese, then it makes him the lightning rod. It's just like the American presidency--even if Obama as a staff, he is still ultimately the leader. So he must take responsibility for his cabinet's decisions.

How about this: What if Iwata stays, but gets a new cabinet? Whatever it is, Nintendo is in need of more agression. So whether it is the cabinet, or it's lightning rod (Iwata) that is the problem--one thing still remains, Nintendo needs to be shaken up. I can look at the SNES and N64 as examples of greatness. I can't say the same for the consoles under Iwata's belt (even if the Wii 1 was adored by casuals). When I was a kid, I would read my older sister's stash of old gamepro mags, only to see that the Gamecube couldn't match the awesomeness of reverance that the systems before it had. Then the same happened with wii and now Wii u. The only constant is Iwata as president. Maybe i'm wrong--but why would I pick on the man for no reason? I don't know him. I just know he was involved in helping to make some great games I liked. Just maybe--MAYBE, it really IS him?

PopRocks3592011d ago

With all due respect, I don't think it's fair to pin all the blame on Iwata. He's a face for the company, but that doesn't mean he makes all of the decisions. Many if not most major companies have a team of board members who choose the direction of the entire company. A President may indeed have input, but often they are just a face for the public to interact with.

Furthermore, Iwata has been involved with Nintendo software since the NES days; he has stellar track record in that regard.

PopRocks3592011d ago

My thoughts are that Iwata is the kind of person who likes ot find a groove that works and then stick with it until it doesn't anymore, hence why the Wii moniker has stuck for so long. Wii U still has little in terms of software and games and it's probably because Nintendo is trying to see whether the core or the casual will go for it first.

That to me is frustrating because the core is looking for a reason to like the Wii U. I've seen it in these comments hundreds of times and Nintendo is simply not choosing the right bait to reel them in (outside of Smash Bros.... that seems to have resonated a bit, even here).

Plus, while I agree Iwata's time is ripe with mistakes, it's been full of solid leaps as well. Iwata took a lot of initiative to bring the 3DS to where it is right now, taking a huge cut in his own pay to make it happen. He helped make the Wii a cultural phenomenon and for whatever it may be worth, the GCN was still profitable (with some great games) and the Wii U, being a dual screen HD console, does what it is meant to do and does it quite well.

If Iwata truly is the one calling all the shots then I think Nintendo needs more opinions involved, not just simply replacing the one currently in control. I'll use Brawl as part of my reasoning. Sakurai admitted he had 100% creative control over Brawl; every character, every mechanic, EVERYTHING. Evidently there were balancing issues and hardcore fans expressed frustration at the tripping and slowed down speed. Now Sakurai is taking input from his fellow developers at Namco who are fighting game experts, which could lead to much more balance and overall quality. Any company can and should find a model like the latter method.

yugovega2011d ago

considering the sales of every system nintendo has released since iwata took over have been huge (except for wiiu but in time could) in a time when the economy has been terrible is a sign that he has been doing great. he tried it the "gamer" way with gamecube and it failed. why would a company want to get rid of someone who literally saved the company? as much as gamers want to say how great the n64 was it sold about the same way the wiiu has.

Donnieboi2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

@ Poprocks:

You said:
"If Iwata truly is the one calling all the shots then I think Nintendo needs more opinions involved, not just simply replacing the one currently in control. I'll use Brawl as part of my reasoning. Sakurai admitted he had 100% creative control over Brawl; every character, every mechanic, EVERYTHING. Evidently there were balancing issues and hardcore fans expressed frustration at the tripping and slowed down speed. Now Sakurai is taking input from his fellow developers at Namco who are fighting game experts, which could lead to much more balance and overall quality. Any company can and should find a model like the latter method."

I can totally get behind that. Because for all we know, the issue could be the company that Iwata keeps--if not himself. So yeah, a shake-up in his cabinet, or at the very least, a consultation firm that could give some constructive advice, might be just the spark to help Iwata in his quest to find just the right audience for the Wii U...and stick to that audience (I'm praying that it will be hardcore audience, with some focus on the family (Nintendo does that well) and a mild consideration for casuals).

From now on, I'll push for Iwata to seek external advice, rather than push for his resignation. As he HAS made A LOT of money for Nintendo, after all.

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Triforce0792011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

What route a console that concentrates on the games and has a social network just for games right there in real time on the main menu where devs can talk directly with the fans,please WiiU is the only real games console at present and the games did the talking for me at E3.

The direction xbone is going in makes me ill m8 it's not a proper console anymore,alright ps4 is better than xbone but they still have drm but at least ps4 is all about the games same as wiiu but where is the tool to talk directly to gamers and developers ie MiiVerse.

Shnazzyone2011d ago

That's a shame, Gamecube was pretty awesome, you missed out dude, in fact you missed out on alot on wii too. Guess you aren't really much of a gamer if you were unable to recognize those systems had great releases and it was worth it to have those systems available to you. I mean, you missed out on more things than I can even name.

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mrbojingles2011d ago


For now yes. Doesn't really matter tho if Wii U never really takes off. Worst case it will be like the Cube, sell 20-30 million units and make Nintendo massive profits and they'll just keep on making good first party games for a long time. I can live with that. Also, I think the Xbox One is going to fare just as badly as Wii U, if not worse, for being expensive and anti-consumer. Some people may opt for PS4 @ $400 over Wii U but very few will opt for $500 Xbox One over Wii U, PS4 or any other console.

gamer422011d ago

Nintendo isn't the only company affected by the so called 'reporting' done by 'journalists'. Most of the reporting is fueled by bias, or money these days. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule and these exceptions will keep gaming journalism (or journalism in general) alive.

yugovega2011d ago

just for an example of the bias in game journalism check rev 3 games coverage. adam sess hailedas such a great journalist by most gamers barely even mentions or show wiiu or 3ds games. and what they do show is good looking stuff yet they talk over it like they hate doing it.

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