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Why the Xbox One IS Future Proof (2014 Fortaleza Glasses and More)

Bafflingly, Respawn's Rob challenges his OWN OPINION, and manages to scrape together a fruitlessly compelling argument regarding the future of the Xbox One. In the process though, he seems to come across some recurring evidence that points toward virtual reality glasses being released for the console in 2014 - would this gimmick change your mind about the Xbox One? (E3, Xbox One)

Kingthrash360  +   682d ago
no. no gimmick will change my mind about xbox1. ms has to change for.me to change my mind.
webeblazing  +   681d ago
when has MS change they actions have always been clear unless you ignore them. every market what do they do???
kneon  +   681d ago
Especially when that gimmick isn't actually all that special. Sony are already on their second generation of 3d visors and I expect the 3rd generation to arrive soon.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   682d ago
The cloud is what makes it future-proof.
Blackdeath_663  +   682d ago
can't tell if you're being serious or sarcastic...
kneon  +   681d ago
Let's suppose you really are correct, then there is nothing stopping ps4 developers doing the same thing. It's not rocket science, it's just distributed computing with the latest buzz words attached to it.
AznGaara  +   681d ago
Yoshida already confirmed that if developers wanted to use "cloud computing" on ps4 games they could.
moparful99  +   681d ago
Don't forget that Sony dabbled in "distributed" computing with the folding at home app on the ps3 and it was successful. I would be willing to bet that Sony has more then enough proverbial "dirt under the nails" experience in regards to cloud computing. Heck they're rolling out gaikai which is cloud gaming. Surely the leap to cloud computing wouldn't be so great..
kneon  +   681d ago
Gaikai is also cloud computing so yes they have the experience. But there really is no magic here, any dev can do it if there is a need for it.
Panthers  +   681d ago
Its called Gaikai. Sony has been investing in cloud tech for a long time. It WILL come to PS4.
valet_Smerdyakov  +   681d ago
Yes, of course the cloud! In particular in 5-6 years when MS turns the servers off and you're left with a nice black brick that only plays movies and what's left of your games is nostalgia at best.
Ult iMate  +   681d ago
You don't own those games anyway. You only "license" them from those corporate hypocrites.
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AznGaara  +   681d ago
Gues what? Ps4 can do the same thing.
CRAIG667  +   681d ago
Only Sony don't have the capital to set up an infrastructure anywhere near that of what Microsoft are doing, if Sony were to setup a 300,000 sever's for cloud computation it would bankrupt them, and Microsoft will always be ahead software wise, look at the xmb-ergh.
kingboy  +   681d ago
keep spending money on those 300,000 sever's while sony's busy fishing for the next big games studio buyout lol
kneon  +   681d ago
The xmb won awards for its design.

As for sony not being able to afford to set up a cloud service that's not true. Most companies rent cloud services, that way you aren't sitting on thousands of under utilized servers. When you have sufficient sustained volume then you build your own with back up from rented cloud service to deal with demand spikes.
valet_Smerdyakov  +   681d ago
Sure, MS are a charity and are going to setup those alleged 300,000 servers (only virtual but pssst) and not expecting any profit from it.
grimmweisse  +   681d ago
But Sony doesn't have to do that! Nor any company for that matter.

Just provide some decent hardware without some BS cloud nonsense that will magically make a piece of hardware more powerful. They tried that will Sim City, stating that the computation where so complex they needed to process it using a cloud system. It was proven as total nonsense.

It's just a way to enforce their pathetic DRM measures. MS listen to your fans and supporters that made the Xbox so successful, but it seems their fingers are in their ears whilst going "la la la la, not listening".

As for not being able to afford a cloud system, "Gaikai", Sony bought it, they were already one step ahead. Only difference we know exactly what Gaikai is, game streaming, and optional!
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forcefullpower  +   681d ago
@grimmweisse. They hacked the game so you can play it offline if I remember. So much for the it must use cloud computing.

I think these companies selling games must think we don't know shite about the IT world or something.
SexyGamerDude  +   681d ago
Another believer of that magical power of the cloud PR crap.
HammadTheBeast  +   681d ago
300 k servers of which only about 70 k are probably physical.
sourav93  +   681d ago
It has been confirmed that those 300,000 servers are virtual servers.
NioRide  +   681d ago
Gimmicks have never really sold a system, And the Wii/Wii-u do not count as the whole system was based on the motion controls, thus removing it from gimmick status.

However, things like HD-DVD players and 3D TV really were just gimmicks. And it seems to be that the X1 is going to attempt to rely on a whole slew of different things instead of just focusing on one.
SexyGamerDude  +   681d ago
The Wii does count. The motion controls didn't have to be used but that was one of the main reason the system was successful.
JohnS1313  +   681d ago
Not more of this stupid cloud crap. That isn't real. Microsoft just threw that out there to make the Xbox One look more powerful than it is. It won't do anything to make the Xbone more powerful.
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grimmweisse  +   681d ago
The whole cloud thing is such BS, if MS was so candid on stating that it can provide X amount of extra power or processing it should of been shown in all it's glory or at least at the conference in some form!

MS prove me and everyone who thinks it's BS wrong!
They just make to the Xbox One "seem" more powerful.

Even PC's aren't future proof, every couple of years you need to upgrade if you want to play the latest games.
SexyGamerDude  +   681d ago
Well, Cloud gaming does make your system seem stronger, no denying that. For example, my Tablet can't handle Xbox or PS3 games but with On lives cloud gaming I can easily play the games they provide and they look just like they do on consoles.

But MS is stretching the truth when it comes to the cloud. Even it has it's limits.
grimmweisse  +   681d ago
Agreed, cloud based services like the upcoming gaikai service and Onlive as you mentioned which streams data, but the whole we have x amount of servers that will make your console faster and more powerful. I think they are stretching that way too far!
Valkyre  +   681d ago
Did not know the future was so restricted... lol
Agent_hitman  +   681d ago
Future proof?, okay a next gen xbone console that has DDR3?..

While the other one has GDDR5 similar to High end graphics card.
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Rebo00  +   681d ago
With DDR4 due out next year, they might as well have waited and gave Sony a year head start
Foxgod  +   681d ago
Yeah sure. DDr4 would make the Xb1 really affordable. /sarcasm

Gddr5 is not better or newer then DDr3 btw, they both have their own advantages.
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SexyGamerDude  +   681d ago
Foxgod, how much does Microsoft pay you to comment?
Rebo00  +   681d ago
Oh yeah, you're right because we were totally talking about the affordability of Xbone...
Sharius  +   681d ago
sorry about to be an old man bastard, but seemlike im too old for your innovation so i just stick with the classic one call ps4 then
Cam977  +   681d ago
I wholeheartedly agree...
...because nobody will buy it so it won't wear itself out.
mahmoods26  +   681d ago
You're kidding yourself if you're thinking the Xbox One is future proof. Even the PS4 isn't future proof. Both consoles are going be ursurped by PC within 4 years. Xbox one even sooner since it has lower specs than the PS4. Cloud computing is at least 10 years away from becoming mainstream. I can accept that the next generation of consoles will live in the cloud but worldwide Internet speeds need to catch up to it first.
sway_z  +   681d ago
Both systems will have longevity. In spite of all the bad PR, Price and Policy of Xbox One, consumers will still purchase.

We now know both Sony and MS are planning 10 year cycles for next gen. Nintendo released 2012, so I can see Nintendo releasing a new system around 2017/18, whether it would be more powerful than PS4/XB1 who can say?

But this is 2013...I am excited about PS4, Nov cannot come soon enough!
Rebo00  +   681d ago
If these 'Fortaleza Glasses' are like the Oculas Rift then they completely replace Illumiroom as you won't be able to see outside the glasses...

If they're like Google's Glasses then it would offer up a HUD that could enhance gameplay but ultimately that depends on the position of your screen and whether it gets in the way of whats going on behind it. If you're far away from your screen and a window pops up in the top right with objects it could effectively cover the entire right side of the screen.

As they say they're a Microsoft fansite and as such they'll grasp at things like 'Cloud Computing', by which they mean streaming games from a server... If anything Microsoft are mentioning Cloud Computing to show they're thinking about Sony's requisition of Gaikai
TukkerIntensity  +   681d ago
XBONE is future proof because no one is buying it.
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Martywren  +   681d ago
If only MS took the time out and I mean really "Listen to there fans" and not always the corparation. More gamers would except xbone more if there wasnt alot of restriction. I really do want xbone but MS is about them selfs.
Baka-akaB  +   681d ago
Sigh one sky drive or dropbox account , and suddenly everyone is an expert on cloud systems and computing . As enough people keep mentioning since the fad appeared , it's nothing new and isnt the new messiah and answer to everything ... except of course for publishers that want to lure you online .

It's not some huge innovation that only MS can use . Everybody can and will
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