Gaming Target: Grand Theft Auto IV Preview

You hear that sound? That's the sound of millions of people eagerly rubbing their hands with glee, half of which are gamers anxious to dive back into the ridiculously fun world of Liberty City, with the other half greedy lawyers and pompous prudes anxious to launch frivolous lawsuits in an attempt to suppress creative freedom of expression.

While there's not much Gaming Target can do with the second group (other than giving them a huge dose of Metamucil to clear out whatever is stuck up their you-know-whats), the mature responsible consumers in the first group will be enjoying the next iteration of Rockstar's famous open sandbox action/adventure/driving/comedy opus.

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yesah3493d ago

The more i read the more i want...

JadeTyrant3493d ago

GTA4...easily going to win GOTY

odisho683493d ago

im still wondering if there will be multiplayer that you dont have to go online to use, lets say a few of ur friends come over and want to play is that going to be possible or is multiplayer just going to be over psn