Top 10 Things That Suck about Rock Band

Chris Jensen writes, "My love for Rock Band knows no equal, but that doesn't mean I'm blind to its defects. The more obsessed I become, the more the little (and not so little) things bother me. Nothing I'm about to bitch about can't be fixed or addressed...assuming Harmonix is paying attention."

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strwrsxprt3714d ago

I'd have to agree with most of those

solar3714d ago

quote from article

"Let me tell you something, mystery host. I have a mic. Everyone has a mic. It came with the f'ing unit. Fact is, the game is called Rock Band...not Talk Show. WTF do you want to yap about?"

lmao! nice. ive never taken rock band online. dont really want to. so i cant comment on the gripes. my gripe is with activision and not letting us ps3 owners use the les paul. damn you activision.

Syko3714d ago

This dude needs "Real" friends....I played online to get the achievements and that was it. Playing with the band all together is where it's at. While his points are valid everyone of them had to do with Multiplayer. If you could hear the singer on-line it might be a viable mode to play for a lot of people but as it stands playing with 3 of your friends is what this game is all about.

ScentlessApprentice73714d ago

Is that it needs more songs from great classic groups like Nirvana, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, and Smashin Pumpkins and less songs from all the stupid, derivative groups that flood MTV today like Fallout Boy, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Faith No More.

vudu3714d ago

How is a band that broke up ten years ago flooding MTV?

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