List of new Battlefield 4 multiplayer details

A breakdown of all the new features and additions to Battlefield 4 multiplayer.

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MooseWI1775d ago

VOIP on PC, not sure if I am excited for that or not.. Love the new vehicle disable feature.

seanpitt231775d ago

Well I just cannot play this game on the ps3 it will not do it justice so I will have to wait for the ps4 version

MooseWI1774d ago

Good idea, if you can't get your hands on a gaming PC then I would go for next-gen. Although I haven't played a 64 player match in a while.. usually the maps just don't work with it, too many people, you die so quickly.

TheKingslayer1775d ago

This game continues to become epic!

oof461775d ago

Commander mode only available on a tablet? Dammit...

JonahNL1775d ago

The "Mobile" Commander is only available on tablets. The normal Commander mode doesn't require that.

NameRemoved00171775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

But mobile commander mode is the best /sarcasm.

Reportillo41775d ago

you can be a commander from a computer i dont know if you can do it from a console

NameRemoved00171775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

What about more characters so half my team isn't the same dude.

oof461775d ago

Did you see the PLA trailer. Greater customization of soldiers.

ab5olut10n1775d ago

No more reloading from a "well" of bullets, very cool. This will be a big deal for me as I'm crazy about always reloading after every kill.

Reportillo41775d ago

that is a feature only for hardcore if i remember correctly

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