Dark Souls 2: "Number One Thing For Us Was Don't Sell Out"

Namco promise that Dark Souls 2 is just as hardcore as the first

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Lovable1740d ago

And this my friend is how you make gamers happy.

MooseWI1740d ago

Agreed. I know they lost some members but it looks like they kept the platform going right.

Cam9771739d ago

IE: do what Sony are doing.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1739d ago

They already sold out by making Dark Souls to begin with.

F4sterTh4nFTL1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

So expanding your game to be playable by as many hardcore gamers as possible is selling out?

I have got news for you, hardcore gamers existed on Xbox 360 and PC also.

Cam9771739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Demon's Souls is better anyway. They should've stuck to the formula and made DeS 2. DaS just lacked the charm of DeS; don't get me wrong, DaS is incredible, but I think DeS2 would've made for a better 2nd game.

Summons751739d ago


While I agree that demon souls is better than dark souls in a lot of ways, there will never be a demon souls 2. Demon souls is Sony owned but dark souls wasn't a sell out because it still was the original formula just put in an open world setting. I don't think they should have made a direct sequel though they should have made dead souls, damned souls...,something souls just to make it an on going series with different stories and worlds each time.

reaper241739d ago

You talk about selling out and have the "new" Dante as an Avatar? Great Job.

FrostyZipper1739d ago

I'm fairly certain that's meant to be ironic.

I never really got around to playing DeS, but I loved DaS. Don't think I've played a game that actually makes you a better player by punishing you since God Hand. Terrific fun and extremely satisfying.

MEsoJD1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

lol no just no. Dark Souls was so good. Just because they aren't exclusive to Sony doesn't mean they sold out.

JohnS13131739d ago

Why did Namco have to steal these games away from Atlus? That was bad. Atlus should be making these games. They actually care about gamers.

Firan1739d ago

Atlus just published Demon's Souls in NA. They didn't make anything in it. They make great niche games though.

feraldrgn1739d ago

I hope they or Sony studios carry on the Demon's Souls franchise as well.

As long as they make it as fantastic, if not better than the originals of course.

Both Dark Souls & Demon's Souls were enjoyable, I like Demon's souls "stage" or "level" like gameplay & I also enjoyed Dark Souls world.

There's also the difference of World & Character Tendency features in Demon's Souls, which I enjoyed.