Turok Ships 1 mln

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "The Propaganda Games-developed sci-fi dino blaster Turok has shipped over 1 million units worldwide, according to publisher Touchstone.

The first-person shooter, based on the Turok franchise that debuted in 1997, launched on February 5 this year for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Touchstone also announced that it will be releasing five new multiplayer maps on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network on March 27. The content, dubbed the Velociraptor Pack, will cost 400 Microsoft Points ($5) on Xbox Live or $4.99 on PlayStation Store."

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Goodfella783764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

its one of the worst,and cheesy games ive played in a hell ov a long time,the story is poor the voice acting is terrible,the graphics are well how should i say?crap,and the animations are also crap,i wouldnt dare go wasting my money on this one,im not that daft,/ps,this applies to both console versions aswell.peace out.....

Kleptic3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

This is a perfect example of how games sales have nothing to do with the quality of the game...

Lord Vader3764d ago

That is AWFUL.

I rented Turok & played it for less than 15 minutes b4 i ran it back to Blockbuster. I feel sorry for anyone who paid for this crappy game.

Bazookajoe_833764d ago

I dont know what i was thinking =(

crazy250003764d ago

At least play the demo first, its really that terrible....I didnt even bother to finish the demo... :(

I was soo excited for this game too, I loved Turok on the 64.

Bazookajoe_833764d ago

I allready bought it and played like 2 missions, it´s really crap. Im gonna sell it, but i feel sorry for the one who will buy it from me =/

KidMakeshift3764d ago

Yeah, and probably the majority of those who bought it (like me) are trying to rid of the damn thing

Close_Second3764d ago

Goes to show that not enough people have access to the internet to download the demo. If they had they never would have purchased the game.

The previous Turok (Evolution) on last-gen consoles was absolutely dire. People need to start doing research before wasting money on a game that should have been made illegal for being so bad in the first place.

The local on-line auction site is littered with people trying to offload this rubbish at almost half of what they paid for it. I feel sorry for anyone who buys it thinking they are getting a good deal.

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