Microsoft Plots 2014 Launch for Xbox One in Asia writes:

"Asian gamers will have to wait a year longer than their American counterparts to get their hands on Microsoft’s Xbox One, which will only be available in the region in late 2014, a year after its U.S. launch this November.

Xbox One, with the Kinect motion sensor and controller
Describing it as a “staged approach” to marketing the new videogame console, Alan Bowman, Microsoft’s regional vice president for sales and marketing in Asia, said the company was working on ensuring a “great experience for customers” in the region, including offering localized content."

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DVAcme1745d ago

I wanna see Microsoft manage to sell ONE XB1 in Japan. By the time it comes out, Sony and Nintendo will leave absolutely no wiggle-room for it.

sashimi1744d ago

They'll give em away at a promotion and count it as units sold lol

kparks1744d ago

We need to get some of this spy equipment in Russia asia and in the middle east if u ask me.. This might be the best military move we have made so far! LMFAO!

DVAcme1744d ago

Um, I'm in the military, and this is both a very dumb way to survey other countries and an ineffective one. If the US really meant to use the XB1 as a surveillance device, they would have made the system so attractive that everyone would want one, while right now the exact opposite is true.

kparks1744d ago

Yes but then it would be blatantly obvious what our plans are. Hahaha!

rainslacker1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

The surveying isn't for spying for military gain. What DVA says is true. It'd be hard to get any real info that way. Any surveying would be for customer statistical analysis and targeted advertising. Hell MS even said as much in their reveal. There more money in that for MS than there is in selling off military secrets, and realistically more money for them than the actual console profits, or game profits.

Blackdeath_6631745d ago

so sony gets a year head start in the rest of the world with a cheaper more powerful console that has no region lock. well it looks like the xbone is gonna be successful outside the US /s

Godmars2901745d ago

The PS4 might not launch there this year.

Then again MS apparently has no plans whatsoever of launching in Japan.

deadfrag1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

This is very bad for people that support the xbox brand,its like microsoft is tagging them has third class citizens;its almost a racist approach! Thank god they and we the people tand contrys that dont get support for the Xbone can still count with Sony PS4.Nintendo Wii U and PC!

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Agent_hitman1744d ago

Better not to release it in Asia MS, it's a complete disaster anyway!..

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