ActionTrip: Velvet Assassin First Look

Velvet Assassin - hm, sure has a nice ring to it. There's something undeniably cool about witnessing agile female agents facing Nazi villains and performing spy-like execution moves. Also, it's been a while since NOLF and NOLF 2 and ActionTrip are eager to see more daring female special agents in action.

Anyway, Velvet Assassin, formerly known as Sabotage, sort of follows a similar pattern ActionTrip have seen in games like the aforementioned hit series from Monolith.

The game tells the story of a crafty MI6 agent Violette Summer. The developers claim to have been inspired by a real-life female spy named Violette Szabo, who allegedly worked against the Germans during World War 2. As it happens, the actual agent Violette got captured by the Germans, shortly after which she had been executed at the age of 23 (maybe she wasn't so crafty after all). This supposedly occurred in 1945.

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