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Submitted by halocursed 969d ago | news

Exclusives vs Multiplaforms: A Chart of Every E3 2013 Video Game Confirmed

" Exclusives vs Multiplaforms - Xbox One vs PS4 vs PC vs WiiU vs Wii vs Xbox 360 vs PS3 vs 3DS vs PS Vita" (3DS, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   969d ago
So the Xbox One has more exclusives than the PS4 but less than Wii U.

Edit: I don't remember asking you if you were worried...
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mandf  +   969d ago
How many of Sony's studios have not announced a game yet? I'm not worried at all.
TechnicianTed  +   969d ago
But this article is about games that are confirmed, not games that will be announced some time in the future.
mandf  +   969d ago
Considering this is a video game website that has discussion I can post anything that is related to this topic. If you honestly believe long term MS will have more exclusives I got an island to sell you. One day of announcements does not make up for years of lack of exclusives. The only bragging right for MS fans at this time is exclusives but that is for now. Once GDC and all the other conferences take place the argument will be lost. MS spent their load at E3 so they didn't have to focus on their console.

By the way more games have been confirmed in total for the ps4 than the xbox. Eurogamer has complete lists for both systems.
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   969d ago
Calm down before you have a stroke or something.
rdgneoz3  +   969d ago
@technicianted. All they indie games they showed off are not even kisted, yet a kinect game and minecraft are for xbone...
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   969d ago
Were these the lists you were talking about?

Although my first comment wasn't directed towards anyone, I'll still stand by it.
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Ausbo  +   968d ago
microsoft also has 3 studios in rare, lionhead and black tusk who havent announced a game yet. all are working on "next-gen core titles"
wishingW3L  +   969d ago
but all the PS4 exclusives have release dates while the Xbone's don't. ;)
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   969d ago
The Order 1886 has a release date? What is it?
bganci  +   968d ago
Or Infamous Second Sun?
Gamer1982  +   969d ago
Theres plenty of games missing from this list Arma tactics, dynasty warriors 8 and one piece: pirate warrios 2 off the top of my head theres probably some lesser known exclusives aswell.. It also has the decency to list Minecraft as an exclusive... Thats on like every platform in the world bar PlayStation..
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avengers1978  +   969d ago
Most exclusives Nintendo
Followed by Sony
And lastly MS

MS showed impressive games, that is true... Spark, dead rising 3, and Titan fall would all be buys for me... If I was going to get a XB1, but nothing they showed made me forget about all there bull crap policies.
Nintendo lots of Nintendo games lots of what there fans are used to... Donkey Kong, and Mario kart... If I were getting or already had a Wii U... But no reason to really rush out and get one at 350 now, when 2014 will be better, and maybe get a price cut
Sony... Should have shown more games, in fact I think they rested on the fact that once they went against MS' policies they'd be the talk of the town... I do expect a steady flow of games from them through out the entire life cycle of the PS4.
izumo_lee  +   968d ago
However if you combine all platforms Sony has 12 & Microsoft has 8 while Nintendo has 18.

There are some games missing on the list like the F2P stuff so the list is incomplete.
Iceman X  +   969d ago
This list is highly incomplete. There are about 15 PS4 games not on this list. Warframe, Dc Universe, Planetside 2 etc there's a lot missing.
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thelaughingwiseman  +   969d ago
Free 2 play's that are on the PC... I don't consider them exclusive to PS4. I was underwhelmed with Sony's E3. They showed games that were already shown at the PS4 unveiling. There were 2 new ones that stood out. Everything else was meh.

So: 2 new IP's and a lot of indie games were shown, those were the high lights

low lights: KH3 and FF15 aren't exclusives anymore (how much money did Sony put into those projects?), Last Guardian wasn't shown (imagine that game going Multiplat too), pay to play onine
R_aVe_N  +   969d ago
As far as we know Sony put no money into FF15 or Kingdoms Hearts 3. At this point neither system has a HUGE impressive exclusive line up announced yet.
rdgneoz3  +   969d ago
@laughing. Minecraft which is on everything but playstation is an exclusive though?
Wolfbiker  +   968d ago
Titanfall is on PC.....oh but that counts right?
thelaughingwiseman  +   969d ago
@Raven, They helped produced FFv13, now known as FF15
kneon  +   969d ago
If it's also on PC it's not an exclusive, that goes both ways,

Though it might be a stretch calling the Minecraft Xbox One edition an exclusive. How different is it really other than just a new name?
meshuganeh  +   969d ago
Fifa 14 on PS2 ftw
Williamson  +   969d ago
I expect a lot more ps4 exclusives to be announced within the next month or 2.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   969d ago
The XO has more original games than than PS4.
mochachino  +   969d ago
The only Xbone exclusive that interests me is Titanfall but as an online only competitive FPS, I'm not that interested. My fav competitive FPS is battlefield. I rarely devote my time to two FPS multiplayers because I ll just end up sucking at both of them instead of being passable at one.
DarkHeroZX  +   969d ago
Titanfall is also for PC.
Xof  +   969d ago
List does not have "every E3 2013 game." It's missing several that I noticed, and probably more than I didn't.
karl  +   969d ago
E3 is really important but who wins E3 already is the best console and has the most games based on what they have shown?

i only need to know that MS always releases games with the console.. once he has a decent install base u cannot expect new ips anymore they depend on third party, and a feew of those exclusive may come to ps4 in the future, it has happened before

now, who has more studios.. that just tells me everything about if u can expect more games in the future or not
ShaunCameron  +   969d ago
It looks like my Wii U will be getting a lot of action this coming Christmas.
Welcome2Die  +   969d ago
All the PS games that should have been exclusives went multiplat, not that itreally matters but still. Playstation needs to have more exclusives than the Xboned at all times.
Krosis  +   969d ago
The games that catch my interest are 98.9% multiplatform. So far, I haven't seen an exclusive thay makes me think "Holy crap, I need this console!". I wish Fallout 4 was announced :/ I was surprised we heard nothing; I guess it's not far enough along yet.
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Mr Tretton  +   969d ago
Sony's only burden in this situation is that they are still supporting the PS3 with exclusives. So consider that for the future of PS4.
BosSSyndrome  +   969d ago
Why didn't they list Batman for 3ds?
What makes me sad is no Destiny for PC :(
NioRide  +   969d ago
I'm more surprised that the PS2 still has one title being made for it.

But then again, it sells really well in Europe/Africa/Southern Americas. So I guess I shouldn't be.
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ThatsGaming  +   968d ago
As usual. PS4 makes a ton of noise but when it comes to games X1 wins...

Yeah, yeah PS fanboys I hear you...

"Sony has a million studios" but they are supporting PS3 (1 year younger then xbox 360 and they promised 10 years for PS3), PSVita, and PS4...

"Sony makes better exclusives" yet the average of 360 exclusives and PS3 exclusives are within only a few points on metacritic...

"Sony will have more" yet some of their games like Last Guardian will (might) ship 5 years after they are announced. Then, again, they may never ship Last Guardian...
SITH  +   968d ago
Tom Clancy's The Division should include mobile given the game has a companion app to play it. It will be nice to be away from the console and still play online anywhere I go.
soniqstylz  +   968d ago
Note that MS has effectively blown their wad, while Sony generally makes more announcements at Gamescom and TGS
bganci  +   968d ago
Several ms studios have yet to announce games
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soniqstylz  +   967d ago
Same for Sony (for instance, Naughty Dog's second team [the one that made Uncharted 3]). However, typically MS doesn't have much of a presence at GC or TGS. Mayyyyyybe PAX.

But we haven't heard from Bend, Santa Monica, SCE Japan, London, or expanding on Media Molecule's announced game from February.

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