The Witcher 3 will cost more than 100 million zł (34 mil$)- Most Expensive Polish Game Ever Created

Manufacturers of computer games have become accustomed us that the creation of new works are able to spend more than the budget are the biggest Polish movies. However, the establishment of a Polish record in this area is gearing up CD Projekt. How betrays Adam Kicinski, President of Warsaw, the cost of production and the subsequent marketing of the third part of The Witcher will exceed 100 million zł.

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CaptainFaisal1773d ago

Looks amazing ! never played witcher before but might give this one a try! looks AWESOME!

ZodTheRipper1773d ago

You can still play Witcher 2, it's one of the best RPG's this gen and anything else than outdated.

JsonHenry1772d ago

You could probably start from part 2 and not miss too much from part 1. It is hands down one of the best RPGs ever made. The story telling, decision making model, and combat are top tier. Worth every penny.

zeddy1772d ago

i hope people buy it, im going to need my rpg fix on the ps4.

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Bleucrunch1773d ago

It seems as if they are going the way of Halo 3's ridiculous marketing to get the name of this game out. I never played a Witcher game but I look forward to getting this version as I loved what I saw at E3.

Mariusmssj1771d ago

In all fairness they didn't do any advertisement for first two. No banners, posters on the streets ads on tv and ect.

zeal0us1772d ago

Selling over ~600k copies shouldnt be hard for a title big as this.

Prcko1772d ago

so 600k copies will bring them profit?

NameRemoved00171772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

They don't make 100% profit they have to pay to ship it, package it and advertise it, realistically they probably need to sell 750k-800k to break even if their going to do advertising.

They make a lot more off the PC version of the game though than the console version since steams fees are much lower and no physical copies are made.

awi59511772d ago

No they will give you the option to buy it directly from them from So that is 100 percent profit for them thats where i buy my witcher game directly from the developer.

Razputin1771d ago

Good thing there are many different ways to sell on the PC.

First of course you need a publisher.

Steam, so I've heard only takes 5%. I do not know if this is entirely true, but you can see what is taken. will obviously be pure profit from them, but I am sure they will use other digital retailers.

But also physical media which I know they will use. So a small percentage will go to whatever publisher they decide to use.

Also one good thing for the PC aspect is that there are no licensing fees, but there is with consoles.

I'd love for them to sell at least 3-5 million copies. And I believe that can at least hit double the mark that they did with The Witcher 2, which sold just over 1mil and that was last year.

So here is to CDProjecktRed and their great success.

It's also good to note, the reason I support these guys is, not only do they offer you a physical copy of the game, or digital to where ever you purchased it from, but they also offer a NO DRM digital copy from their website. Also they do extensive patches and updates to their games.

Both the Witcher titles have "Enhanced Editions" which either add content or fix and patch a lot of issues, and in general add improvements.

I wasn't a huge fan of RPGs but this one for me is by far the only one I could get into and actually enjoy myself.

reef10171772d ago

well they will get my money so only 599,999 more copies to go.

solar1772d ago

i dunno why but CD reminds me of Valve of a company that just wants to makes games, because they make games. they want to tell a story and all the DuckTales fucking money in a big pit is just a side affect. started small with an idea, now wants everyone to share and enjoy and money is an after thought.

AznGaara1772d ago

BUY THIS GAME! Honestly love this series. CD Projekt RED will always have my money.

NameRemoved00171772d ago

Withcer 3 so far makes Skyrim look like crap.

Captain Qwark 91772d ago

The witcher 2 made Skyrim look like crap lol but in all fairness, they are so different I'm not sure its a fair comparison. Fantasy setting, action RPG, those are common grounds bur game play mechanics are wildly different and meant to be that way

Bigpappy1772d ago

Do you know that CD Projekt has high praise for Skyrim. More and more developers are looking Bethesda consistent success with the open world formula and are nom trying to move in that direction. You guys really need to move pass this Bethesda bad on PS3 thing. You are getting PS4 now. I am sure you want Bethesda games on PS4. No?

dktxx21772d ago

Can we please stop pitting every single RPG against each other? The Elder Scrolls and the Witcher both rock.

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