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Submitted by CrunchKing 972d ago | news

PS4 & Xbox One: There Are 'No Limitations' Anymore

Lords Of The Fallen team praises the power of PS4 & Xbox One (E3, Lords of the Fallen, Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One)

origamikid  +   973d ago
Completely agree, can't wait to see what developers have to offer for the next-gen
sync90  +   972d ago
Completely agree with what??
hellvaguy  +   972d ago

Thought it was pretty obvious origami was commenting on the title of the article.
MysticStrummer  +   972d ago
There are always technical limitations, and one console has extra limitations of it's very own.
Corpser  +   973d ago
4k TV says hello
sync90  +   972d ago
Well hello there 4k TV. See you in about 3yrs time.
medman  +   972d ago
4k TV is vastly overrated. You will see no difference in visual fidelity between 4k and 1080p unless you have a screen in excess of 70 inches and sit very close to your screen.
hellvaguy  +   972d ago
But for video games 2500x1900 is a big difference
webeblazing  +   973d ago
i thought technology is forever involving.
hmm thats weird... oh guess they mean gameplay i dont think was limited that much last gen even tho we re seeing a lot of mmos at e3
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solidmic  +   972d ago
Seems to me like the X1 comes with plenty of limitations!!! Limitations on your consumer rights, what you can do with the games you outright paid for and your damn privacy!!! Ya, no limitations at all!!??!!
FrightfulActions  +   972d ago
Other than the limitiations they enforce on you, there are no limitations. Yeah, makes sense.
Destrania  +   972d ago
Plus the PS4 is far more powerful in the respects of the RAM and GPU (CPU is basically the same on both consoles) all working together in perfect harmony. I've said this before, but I hope that every multi-plat developer making games exclusive for next generation always lead on PS4 and then port to Xbone. That way we know we are always getting the version we deserve (the best).
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hellvaguy  +   972d ago
Lol "perfect harmony" in electronics what r u smoking bro?

In fairness to Xbone, we really have yet to receive the official specs. If they are as rumored, you wont see any differences with the ps4 for at least a few years.
Bhuahahaha  +   972d ago
if youre not from this country dont ever try buy xbone unless you just want to stare at it only

New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

why because of this:
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Destrania  +   972d ago
I can't wait to see this game. I know it's going to be awesome!
Am_Ryder  +   972d ago
I think the limitations now come from storage space. If we could hypothetically make a game that would look as good as real life, we'd need storage space to store all that texture and audio detail. It'd be like 100GB or someting. A Blu-Ray, at max, can get under 50GB. And that's complicated, usually it's never more than the 20GB standard.
medman  +   972d ago
The problem is, real life often doesn't look very good. I don't want a photo realistic game. I saw the Division demo and was blow away by what I saw. It wasn't photo realistic, but it was realistic.
Am_Ryder  +   972d ago
I'm not saying we want photorealistic games- I'm saying that regardless of what the visual fidelity capabilities are of these consoles, there is an upper limit to how much we can fit on a disk.

Heck, Uncharted 3 just about filled up the Blu-Ray for PS3; so we probably can't get graphics _too_ much more amazing than that because of the storage space.

I also think The Division and Infamous: Second Son look like a near-perfect balance, I'm just worried about how long/ expansive the games will be when so much of the storage space is taken up by the graphical prowess.
skydragoonity  +   972d ago
Few or no limitations on the ps4... LOTS of limitations on the xbone (pronounced ex bone)
hellvaguy  +   972d ago
Just think how many more "limitations" the PS4 has over the WiiU (free online and no used game online pass) and pc gaming. Its way more. Just food for thought.
danthebios  +   972d ago
This means more AWESOME ps4 exclusive's :)
airshiraz  +   972d ago
two magor limitations i can name and they r really important so i will stick to my pc

1 antialiasing
2 anisotropic filtering

console games will never have best aa and af for sure
Ashunderfire86  +   972d ago
Play the game Ryse, and look at the PC like graphics on Xbox One fully optimized. Plus PC will always have to join to bandwagon, with just icing on the cake, not too far graphically from console versions. PC will never truly be far ahead even on next gen. I'm in LA right now starting my 3rd day at E3, and I can tell you both PS4 and XboxOne is promising. We are in for one hell of an exciting year. Plus there is a completely new game that's going to be on the net live soon, which is Tom Clancy The Divison. No one outside of VIP only have seen this game, but what I heard from some VIP members is how the game is a completely new experience for shooters with realism. I wish I could sneak a video and post it online, but some games are just behind close doors.
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medman  +   972d ago
Good for you, stick to your pc. Nobody cares. It's interesting all these pc guys flood forums dedicated to consoles. Interesting indeed.

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