Call of Duty: Ghosts focus on fish AI was a joke, says Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Ghosts focus on fish AI was a joke, says Infinity Ward

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Muerte24941620d ago

butt it was. It sounded really sincere at the Xbox One reveal.

abzdine1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

just like the TV stuff...

i can't get enough of this:
and i think COD is just like X1, they are sinking themselves

Greatness awaits

andibandit1620d ago

How many cod:fishes does it take to install a light bulb

Crazyglues1620d ago

@ andibandit

One two many, that's why you get lag underwater... LoL

||.........___||............ ||

InTheLab1620d ago


If the fish were a joke, what about the dog? Don't tell me that was a joke too...

Fairchild Channel F1620d ago

Ya I often do and say things I know I'm going to be openly laughed at and mocked for. Doesn't everyone?

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CaptainFaisal1620d ago

lol! and Dice said that they removed Fish Ai for more destruction like the tower collapsing -.- WHO CARES ABOUT THE FISH AI?!

MonkeyNinja1620d ago

Pretty sure that was sarcasm. Games have had fish AI for several gens now, but completely destructible buildings would take some considerable power to pull off.

Blackdeath_6631620d ago

the whole COD franchise is a goddamn joke

iMaim1620d ago

Why did I read that in Vegeta's voice...

LackTrue4K1620d ago

I don't know, I can't believe what they say anymore....there's something "fishy" about all this!!

s8anicslayer1620d ago

Infinity ward is doing the ok "I was just joking" after you ask a girl to make out and she says no recovery statement....lmao


LOL yea, do they really expect us to believe it was a joke?

well sure it was, but for us LOL

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Destrania1620d ago

Uh huh, I'm sooo sure. Just like the dog was a joke as well, right? Stupid IW.

THamm1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Undermining gamers will get you nowhere, now you're trying it twice

Mikelarry1620d ago

a sick joke, you should be ashamed :)

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