And The Winner Of The PlayStation 4/Xbox One Console Wars Is...The PC?

Forbes - “X-Box One: Because that’s how many we’re gonna sell,” gamer Paul Sposato wrote on his Facebook FB -0.67% page when he saw the Microsoft MSFT +0.44% and Sony announcements at E3. Sposato is an Xbox enthusiast, an Xbox loyalist. But after last night’s presentations, he does not plan on buying the new-generation console, Xbox One.

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Majin-vegeta1619d ago

So no, this isn’t the best news, but it’s not as bad as it could be either. If Sony allows access to non-gaming internet apps without PS Plus, that will make a lot of people content with the new system. And though yes, it was great to play online for free with the PS3, a PS Plus subscription does offer quite a lot for the money, according to those who currently have it.

Umm is this clown for real??SOny already said stuff like this won't be blocked if you don't have PS+

Hatsune-Miku1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

is this a contest about pirating games? or wasting money on upgrading parts every year to two years? probably its a contest about system viruses that prevents you from playing games or being forced to be connected online 24hrs a day to play on steam, origin or some other gaming services on pc. what did the pc win? the new consoles will now get all pc exclusives and more games because they actually get a lot of exclusive games.

ps4 won e3 and playstation has been winning since entering the gaming market because they always brought the best exclusives in abundance. people can go and waste money on titan and such video cards now when ps4 will out do anything pc will be doing for a few years. look at killzone shadow fall and youll realize how pointless it is to have a 4k pc to play high end games if youre a smart gamer.

AntoineDcoolette1619d ago

someone sounds computer illiterate

NameRemoved00171619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

You don't need Internet to play games bought through Steam :D and also PC has way more exclusives coming out, more than the xbox one, ps4 and wii u combined. You don't need a titan to run games max anything over a gtx 770 for 1080p is overkill, titans are for people doing triple monitor or 1440p+. The only way your going to get a virus is if your not using anti virus and you download porn off/fake prgorams all day.

If you have the $ though your best setup would be get a PS4 for the console only games and exclusives and a PC for everything else.

ZeroX98761619d ago


my setup was PC and PS3 (I have every console this gen, but my primary ones were the PS3 and my PC).

SITH1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

As a recently returning PC gamer, you definitely have no damn clue what you are talking about. I have been gaming on Pc since August last year, and nothing you said makes any sense. And my GTX 690, i7-3960x gaming PC straight T bags the xbox one and Ps4. And steam has an offline mode high-speed. I will not abandon my xbox-live account because of $499.99 My day one xbox one will sit right next to my PC which cost 8 1/2 times the cost of xbox one.

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dedicatedtogamers1619d ago

Let's consider the XBox 360. Yeah, it is third place in sales, but it still sold nearly 80 million (and it's still selling). We know that out of those 80 million, at least 30 don't even go online, and the remainder are made up of people who are Silver (free) and Gold members. Obviously, there are people who choose not to play online and to not pay for Gold, even on The Online Gaming Console(tm).

So, I'm not justifying the requirement for PS+ for online multiplayer, but there are a lot of people (myself included) who do not use their PS3's online multiplayer. I haven't played my PS3 online in...probably 18 months. Now, it's still connected. I still get messages and demos and friend requests, and I am already a PS+ user, but it's just food for thought.

mp12891619d ago

"Xbox gamer Akil Hill, who is disappointed in the Xbox One’s upcoming titles (“Minecraft…. At least make it Minecraft HD!”) won’t be buying the Xbox One…or the PS4, either. “I will stick with the Xbox 360 until it is no longer supported.”

Theres a lot of people like this guy, but eventually theyll convert and not to the pc.

hellvaguy1619d ago


I want your magical know it all crystal ball so I buy me a lottery ticket and get some monies.

mp12891619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )



2 24 30 35 40 25

meanwhile, ill take my chances on the PS4 like i did with PS3

I didnt use a crystal ball btw. I Just thought the xbox one wasnt gonna do too well because of the price and restrictions and people would eventually upgrade from the 360 to the ps4. As for the lottery numbers, theres a 1 out 176 million chance that it will be the next powerball number. good luck.

showtimefolks1619d ago

most pc exclusive titles even MMO's will be out on xbox one and ps4 so in a way we the console gamers get the exclusives plus the PC titles but pc gamers only get pc games and not console exclusives

starchild1619d ago

There are lots of PC exclusives that consoles don't get.

Plus PC is now the only system that:

1. Has full backwards compatibilty with tens of thousands of games.

2. The best graphical quality by far.

3. The best frame rates. Solid 60fps or higher vs a stuttery 30fps on consoles.

4. Mods.

5. Way more freedom and choice in every regard.

6. Don't have to pay a monthly fee to play games online.

And a bunch of other stuff Im not going to bother going into right now.

aliengmr1619d ago

There are PC games out there that even dedicated PC gamers (like myself) aren't aware of. The PC has exclusive genres.

There are no barriers to entry on PC. If you can make a game, you can get it on PC.

titletownrelo1619d ago

I don't think you can create a PC at 400 dollars that does what the PS4 can. Not trolling, just my thoughts...Feel free to prove me wrong, its all good.

aliengmr1619d ago

You're right, which is why they get the money other ways.

showtimefolks1619d ago

also unlike the PC's these gaming consoles are meant to do one thing and that's gaming

gaming consoles went from 512MB to 8GB ram lol, its a huge jump and looks like next gen we will see some gorgeous looking games

i am not expecting my console to do what a medium/high end pc does gaming wise but it doesn't have to because i am satisfied with 60FPS with 1080P(which i am hoping most of the games will be able to do)

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-Mezzo-1619d ago

We're talking Console, aren't we.

Hatsune-Miku1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

ps4 is the winner of e3

2pacalypsenow1619d ago

PC is not a console , When people talk about Home consoles Were talking about Wii,PS4,Xbox 1 . Just because you can plug in a PC to a TV does not make it a console

Corpser1619d ago

You tell me what the difference is. I have a pc connecting to the same tv as my consoles and I use a 360 controller. 80% of the games you have in your console I can play on my pc, and when gaikai comes to pc, all the playstation library will too

2pacalypsenow1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Because a personal computer is customizable and expandable ,re configurable Its Personal . Consoles are statics and can't be personalized or customized like PC's .
Pc's are always evolving and getting better.
Back in the Ps1-Ps2 days No one called a PC a console , Why are they doing it now?? so they can compare it and say PC is always better??

And do you really think Sony will let people plays all their Games on Pc ?? Gaika Is exclusive to PS4

Dynasty20211619d ago

Well technically the new consoles, especially the Xbox, are PCs now.

X86 is the most common architecture in the world. Why? Because it's PC architecture.

I'm not saying PCs are better than consoles as that's a futile argument with console owners, but not a single person can say that consoles are not PCs now.

They just have a different OS/interface.

Parapraxis1619d ago

Consoles are not PCs.
There, I just said it.

Corpser1619d ago

^^^. Gaikai is not exclusive to ps4, it's coming to pc and tablets

2pacalypsenow1619d ago

I apologize i did not know Gaika was on PC and tablets too

starchild1619d ago

But nobody said we are talking about consoles. We are talking about gaming systems, which the PC definitely is.

2pacalypsenow1618d ago

The title says "And The Winner Of The PlayStation 4/Xbox One CONSOLE Wars Is...The PC?"

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SoapShoes1619d ago

You know who's paying Forbes' bills. They keep putting out articles that downplay how terrible the Xbox One is and articles that twist the truth of the PS4 to put doubt into it. lol They are trying too hard.

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