PS4: Sony Has Been 'Really, Really Good To Us'

NowGamer speaks with Warframe developer Digital Extremes about why Sony has made such a good partner...

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Moonman1808d ago

Sony's chivalry will win. :)

TimmyShire1808d ago

I've seen so many developers come out and say how Sony has approached THEM to get their games on the PS4. That's so exciting to me!

ThatCanadianGuy5141808d ago

Unlike a certain other company who says they support indies, Sony really does.

Looking forward to Warframe too.Game looks sick.

Why o why1808d ago

Hmmm, seems like they've been supporting this section of gaming for years. I don't doubt ms or nintendo do the same but its good to see sonys long term plans coming to fruition

Martywren1808d ago

I have played this game on pc its really fun, thats awesome sony show interest this game. Im looking forward too getting back into consoles ps4 and wii u peaks my interest.

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Doctor_Freeman1808d ago

Yeah except now they're charging for PSN.

nix1808d ago

yes... i was sad when i heard it first. still am even though i recently got Plus and i've already got my money back, thanks to free games.

Why o why1808d ago

Same here. Again, I feel for those who cant maintain the added cost on top of every other inflated thing we pay for. Plus was worth it before.. I can only hope it gets better

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