Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Review

QJ.Net writes: "Before Master Chief and his brethren of first person shooter protagonists came along and stole our hearts, there was the epic RPG era. This era was started by none other than Square Enix's first foray in the world of 3D, Final Fantasy VII - a tale set in a dystopian future where magic and technology collide.

It was a very good game for its time, and now, after six not-really-sequels, a cellphone expansion, a full CGI movie that can only be described as hardcore AND a follow-up anime series, it's come back to haunt us in the form of a PSP game, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. This is our review, and we hope you like it.

The graphics are very sharp, very detailed, to the point that my saying that the in-game visuals reach almost the same amount of gobsmacking factor as the CGI sequences doesn't make me want to check myself into the loony bin. Yes, they're that good, only the in-game parts only let you play as Zack. From the ridiculous hair styles, to the armor, to the clothes, to the monsters themselves - everything is rich and vibrant in life and color."

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