(TRG) Tekken Revolution Review

The Real Gamers take a look at Tekken Revolution

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PurpHerbison1803d ago

Can't be played at tournaments. This game at the core is good but lacks big time for competitive players.

TRGCarl1803d ago

I totally agree with you there Purp, I do the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 quite alot, I am glad they changed the bounds in Revolution

SugarSoSweet1803d ago



ScytheX31803d ago

game is good, but think they made it for a couple reason, 1 to bring new fans to tekken, and 2 and this is just a thought that they maybe released it to test some stuff out, perhaps for txsf or tekken 7

PurpHerbison1803d ago

I don't think it will fair too hot with new players since you can't really grind in Tekken Revolution as you would like to when learning a new fighting game. Tekken requires a good amount of grinding to even stay relevant... Really an unforgiving game at higher levels. The whole testing for T7/TxSF though makes a lot more sense.

TRGCarl1803d ago

Yeah sadly even as a Vanquisher with Alisa I still am forced to fight Dan 1s and it isnt fair at all

fardan851803d ago

not for tournaments.. just for fun.. but great F2P