E3 2013: ‘LEGO Marvel Super Heroes’ Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new trailer for their upcoming release, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

The latest trailer features Marvel legends such as Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine and Mr. Fantastic as they battle enemies over a multitude of locations.

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AceofStaves1716d ago

A Lego Destroyer? A joke about Loki's thing for helmets with horns?

Words can't express how much I want this game.

TheEvilWithin1716d ago

Same! Adding this to my PS3 Lego collection. OR maybe the Wii U and just rent this for PS3 for the trophies!

Shinobi1001716d ago

Glad they're showing off the 3DS & Vita versions...wait, they're NOT. Must be a REAL winner if they're so proud of it

DarthJay1716d ago

Spring 2013? I think it's actually releasing in October...