D+PAD review Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

GT 5 Prologue reviewed in Issue 6 of D+PAD Magazine.

"There aren't many franchises that would get away with releasing a cut-down "demonstration of what's to come, but luckily for Sony, GT is one of them."

"The first time you get your hands on the revered Ferrari F1 is truly an unparalleled experience within the genre."

"Much more than just a test drive into the world of HD GT."

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ALItheWISE3706d ago

Im not buying part of a game for $40 when the whole game is coming out within a year (maybe). I dont care how big of a fan your are it doesnt make sence to me. This is worse then DLC in my opinon. Now im all for buying a full game then purchasing extra content but dont take away from a game and put out "extra content" when it should be there, or in this case take from the full game and put out a "prologue". It isnt fair big business!!!! (like you care), the P should stand for Partial.

Grand Turismo 5 Partial

sonarus3706d ago

no one is begging you to buy. i am tired of ppl who feel the need to give excuses for not buying a game for what it truly is. Yes we know it is a prologue. The prologue wasn't built for everyone. It was built for those dedicated GT fans who CANNOT wait for the full release. It really is that simple. If you don't want to buy they are not forcing your hand just move along and when the full release comes you can buy or fire whatever excuse you have next time.

undercovrr3706d ago

clearly these assholes can't review (D PAD). But @ALltheWISE, i consider 40 dollars worth it, because even though it is a partial game, I would rather have a quality racing game to keep me busy than wait 1 whole year or more for the full version. Im sorry, i don't have that kind of patience. And yes it is fair business because you know how much money and effort was put into making the 'partial game'. 60fps, at 1080p! 6 tracks and over 60 cars, with 16 players online!!! Im sorry but thats more towards a full game than a demo, and it is well worth the money. I am not a cheap person, and I would spent 40 dollars to play an excellent game, and probably one of hte best racing games out there.