Metal Gear Solid 4: 5 reasons it was unforgettable

June 12 2008. A day many Metal Gear fans had been waiting for impatiently: the worldwide release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Today marks the fifth anniversary.

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AllThingsShining1772d ago

The moment you realise you're heading to Shadow Moses and then stepping out on to the heliport. Incredible.

Nyxus1772d ago

And as you approach the facility, 'The Best is Yet To Come' starts to play. And all those flashbacks you can trigger during the mission.

sarlucic1772d ago

Best gaming experience i ever had

Cam9771772d ago

What about the graveyard scene with the gunshot?
What about the final battle with all of the series' best songs?
What about the scene in which Ocelot tells the girl that Snake isn't coming back.

I cried at all of those scenes. MGS4 is one of the two games that have reduced me to tears. I want to cry just thinking of it, seeing Snake in the graveyard, and te implications of his - ugh. I missed spoilers deliberately.

Shuyin1772d ago

Ocelot? was Campbell.
A true MGS fan ;D.

Cam9771772d ago

*Campbell, NOT Ocelot.

2pacalypsenow1772d ago

The best moment in gaming for Me

Mr_Nuts1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Hayter's performance was amazing

I felt sorry for Snake at the end, after everything he's done and he ends up like that. I wish they could of done another game where they find a cure for his ageing, something which will fix what he was born with, I mean it's not as far fetched when you see most of the crazy over the top things in this game...and maybe when they discover it they decide to go after it after a new threat in the world arises putting focus on the last legendary hero left to stop it. At the end or half way through the game you could see the return of Young Snake

Peace doesn't last forever in these types of games, war will always be around.

Deep-throat1772d ago

MGS4 is one of the best games I have ever played. I really miss Metal Gear Online :(

Shuyin1772d ago

Agreed. I miss survival ;( aaaand winning tournaments, haha.

MizTv1772d ago

Loved every second of this game!
But the first fight between vamp and raiden is badass

Transporter471772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

This game still my favorite of the series, i know a lot disagree but i love them almost all equally, just this one made me tear when he is crawling in the microwave :'(

I just love how everything comes together so smoothly I love the story and the gameplay was a blast, each character developed beautifully

Nyxus1772d ago

I can't say what MGS game is my favorite in the series, I like them all, but I can say MGS4 is my favorite game this gen.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1772d ago

That microwave scene was intense. When the screen suddenly brakes into sections and you see Meryl & Johnny fighting the Frogs completely surrounded and outnumbered, you see Raiden fighting a group of the haven troopers, armless with the blade in his mouth, you see Mei Ling and the crew on the Missouri fighting a losing battle against Outer Haven... all while you crawl through the microwave hallway. INTENSE. After Mgs1 & Mgs2, you felt a bit unstoppable, to see them pushed to their limits like this was just... I can't even friggin describe it @[email protected] I'll go with intense again.

Nyxus1772d ago

Yeah, intense sounds about right.

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