Memo to EA and Take-Two: Stop using the press to negotiate

Cnet writes:"Dear Take-Two and Electronic Arts:

I'm not an arbitrator. And neither are my colleagues who cover video games.

I know it's nothing new in the fast-paced world of hostile takeovers, tender offers, and other forms of mergers and acquisitions, but it's beyond obvious that both Take-Two and EA are using the press--and our outreach to the public--to try to negotiate the best terms in whatever marriage the two eventually end up in. "

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Marceles3675d ago

They aren't using the press to negotiate, the press is just instigating everything.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33675d ago


BubblesDAVERAGE3675d ago

Will ruin gaming as we know it if they take take two... i mean there are other big companies but they all dont ruin companies once they buy them

DRUDOG3675d ago

The Turdman guy hasn't been impressing me much of late. Now that I've unfortunately wasted the few minutes it took to read this guys drivel, I'll attempt to let anyone here know not to waste their time doing the same. Basically he's b!tching about reporting on the EA/Take Two merger and then unexpectedly is forced to do just that after updating this cheese and whine rant with an update by EA. What a doofus...