Essential Features For The Xbox One

Designed to be “always on” and constantly running, the Xbox One and its accompanying Kinect Sensor could be the start of having HAL 9000 in your living room, well if Microsoft’s new console was voiced by Douglas Rain. Regardless we have a list of top 5 features that might change our minds about the Xbox One.

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1775d ago
DxTrixterz1775d ago

Here are Xbox One features:
1.Once in a day checks.
2.Mandatory Kinect for console to function.
3.Will not allow you to sell YOUR games that easily.
4.Kinect that is always watching you.
5.Will make game sharing nearly impossible.
6.Does not offer ANY kind of backwards compatibility
7.The games and the console itself are region locked.
Have I missed any more 'features' of this great consumer friendly console?

TalesofGaming1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Sounds about right but ofc in Microsofts eyes, "we the consumers, need to be educated to understand how consumer friendly this console is"

(semi quote from them)

Vip3r1775d ago

Can only attach one external HDD via one USB port which will no doubt be another 500GB one.

DxTrixterz1775d ago

That will probably cost like another $100.

SexyGamerDude1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

If you don't have internet you might as well buy a brick and put it in your living room.

Vip3r1775d ago

Funny you mention a "brick" because the X1 actually has a power brick.