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Has Microsoft Gone Too Far ?

Will consumers be able to overlook the outlandish restrictions Microsoft is planning on imposing? (Microsoft, Xbox One)

Moonman  +   848d ago
dedicatedtogamers  +   848d ago
Consumers don't know what DRM means, but they surely know what "you can't trade in your game" and "please wait 15 minutes while we install" and "Error: please reconnect to the server to continue your game" mean.

All of this anger online is just a blip compared to the resulting outrage when real people - especially unexpecting people - buy this thing, bring it into their homes, and realize how restrictive it is.
komp  +   848d ago
A lot of people think it means

"Dont Resent Microsoft"
Cam977  +   848d ago
That'll be hilarious. They deserve it though. I'm sorry, but if they haven't conducted some research then they deserve all they get - it's just like me buying a DVD without a player - just like the XBONE needs internet to play.

Come launch this will be hilarious, the outcry from unsuspecting parents who bought their 9 year old the XBONE for their COD child. They get all they deserve.

Playstation's slogan really does reflect what they do. Where the XBONE could mutate gaming, the PS4 preserves the traditional games console.

Long Live Play
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SexyGamerDude  +   847d ago
Edonus, you are an idiot and no doubt about it that you're a shill.
rainslacker  +   847d ago

We saw a lot of uninformed consumers care about SimCity when DRM prevented them from playing the game. It wasn't actually DRM in the way MS was talking about, but it's the same principle.

I believe EA got a handle on that now, but the first few weeks had a huge number of disappointed customers saying they didn't know anything about the online requirement.

These were average consumers. People who just expected it to work based on their prior experiences with the series. These are the same kinds of people that dedicated is talking about.

When these people get home and don't hook up the internet right away, or don't have it at all...boom...disappointment they can't play their game.

When these people go to trade in their game for a new game, they either get crap trade in values, or can't do it all....boom...disappointment they're stuck with something they don't want or don't get enough to buy their next game.

When their internet goes out for a couple days, or they decide not to pay their bill because of something...24 hours later...boom disappointed they can't play their game.

When they ask their friend to borrow a game...boom...disappointed they can't because their friend informs them that they're unwilling to trade because of the lock out.

I could go on about all the disappointing scenarios that could play out here. One or two times probably would go unnoticed, but if you multiply that to a large install base of uninformed consumers, things get said, people get upset, and the disappointed "vocal majority" comes out in waves to let that disappointment known.

This is the point that dedicated is trying to make. We, right now, are a hugely vocal minority, but when the majority start to get disappointed it's going to be worse. We can only hope that during that time they don't blame the whole industry, and put that resentment and disappointment where it truly lies, and that's with MS.
amiga-man  +   848d ago
M$ is not a company that has gaming at its heart, it is an ends to a means they want to control the living room and do not care what it takes to do so.

Unfortunately they have become arrogant and totally lost touch with what console gaming is about and for some reason thought their usual spin, advertising and a few games would be enough for users to just accept any anti consumer nonsense they put forward, thankfully it seems most gamers seem to have demanded better apart from a few fanboys that try to defend M$ actions.

For the sake of gaming just say no and keep gaming in the hands of gamers.
minimur12  +   848d ago
funny thing is, my friend said to me ' I want to get the new xbox one'
I Told her about the restrictions, 24 hours DRM and sh*t and not being able to lend games

now she wants a ps4
latincooker214  +   847d ago
tell your friend good move. PS4 FTW:)
a_bro  +   848d ago
Yes. they went full retard. you never go full retard.

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Godmars290  +   848d ago
They're only concerned with a specific segment of the market. Just have to wait to see how badly that effects them. Or not.
sashimi  +   848d ago
M$ doesn't seem to think so, i wonder how long they'll keep going.

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badkolo  +   848d ago
my concern is this, as a gamer i want both to succeed and will enjoy both since wii u just inst happening for me right now. I see this drm thing in a few ways, as a older guy i simply dont care as i dont share much, rent or buy used and being able to share with 10 people makes up for all of that but I can see many many devs secretly smiling and hoping this works out for MS and I also feel they are pushing for this silently and in turn might favor MS over sony for doing this for the industry and in turn give them more exclusives, dlc and timed exclusives and maybe even better versions as a big thank you, its a plus but also a big minus if that happens as i dont wanna go through another whole gen were ps4 multi games are not as good as xbox one was even though now they are using the same gfx cards
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   848d ago
Its a conspiracy, Microsoft wanted to bring about the glory days of the 90s so they deliberately sabotaged their Xbox brand so that everyone goes back to playing games on Windows.
iistuii  +   848d ago
There is only one thing I'm against with the new Xbox, thats Kinect.. take that away & that would drop the price lower than the PS4 & with the great titles they've shown I wouldn't have a problem. I'm always online at all times & buy all my games through Steam Origin or Uplay, I admit they are a hell of a lot cheaper than the console games, but its not the DRM that I'm pissed about, its the Kinect, I had one go, looked a twat jumping around, never again, so why box it & force it on me...
Cam977  +   848d ago
"would drop the price lower than the PS4"
Why so sure? It's just a crappy camera. Playstation 4 will destroy the XBONE.
iistuii  +   848d ago
Playstation 4 will destroy the XBONE grow up. It stands to reason that the kinect camera is what's pushing the price up. Bye the way im typing this as im watching the opening scene in TLOU, so im no fanatic, ive got all major consoles & a pc, im just stating a fact that the kinect camera is pushing up the price & id rather not have one, is that ok.
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XBOX-ONE-MILLION  +   848d ago
No but these articles have!
Jeff257  +   848d ago
Get used to it. This is the equivalent of all the Sony has no games articles we had to endure on here.
latincooker214  +   847d ago
damn i remember them days. n4g at the time was full of xbox fanboys
GuruStarr78  +   848d ago
Damn.. I wish MS didn't have Halo... the only reason for me to get an Xbox one at this point...
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   848d ago
For me it is Forza, but I will not be getting Forza 5 in hope Microsoft will come to its senses and go back to the old ways.

I wont be getting the PS4 either until Gran Turismo 7 is released or some godly game by Naughty Dog is announced.
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The Meerkat  +   848d ago
If MS have shown us what they think are their best bits, what are the bad bits they aren't telling us about?

I'll wait 24 months then get an X1 at a reduced price to play Halo and maybe Gears. But all my main gaming and mutiplatform games will be on my PS4.
komp  +   848d ago
"If MS have shown us what they think are their best bits, what are the bad bits they aren't telling us about? "

Agree, a very good question. bubbles.
RandomDude655  +   848d ago
MS has gone too far with everything not named Microsoft Office
XBOX-ONE-MILLION   848d ago | Spam
Valkyre  +   848d ago
Microsoft going too far is an EPIC understatement...

those guys are in completely uncharted territory...

lost forever...

Reminds me of the scene of jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean 3 where he is lost and going bananas...
Protagonist  +   847d ago
Honestly! what in the world were they thinking with all those restrictions??? is it a piracy issue? trying to somehow get more $???

I dont get it but I think this will backfire.
rainslacker  +   847d ago
Wonder if the small friendly crabs will come to rescue him?
Foxgod  +   848d ago
Not at all, In my opinion they release a fine product, with a lot of game support, and a couple of minor restrictions, that are by no means in my way.

I only salute the direction the industry goes, with the rising budgets they can do two things only, tone down second hand trading, hoping that more people will buy retail, or increase the price of the games.

If the game industry fails to decrease the size of the second hand market, we will be looking at a lot more company's going bust, and or game prices being increased by 10 to 20 dollars/euro's per game.
HammockGames  +   848d ago
@ Foxgod

"minor restrictions" - seriously?

Microsoft's current policies ensure that you own nothing. Your ability to game and what you do with that game are entirely controlled by M$. Their DRM ensures that.

And the same goes for the console itself. You say M$ offers "lot of game support". We're talking about a company that yanked all original Xbox support the minute the 360 rolled out the door. Should they repeat that with the Xbone's successor, you could be stuck with a console that doesn't even work - rendering your entire collection unplayable.

Outrageous, sure. But M$ has made it clear they really don't care.

Your need for consumerism is apparently stronger than your need to protect your rights as a consumer.
Foxgod  +   848d ago

Its up to my isp whether my internet works or not, not up to MS.
MS provides the service, and they keep it running as its their source of income.

My isp keeps my internet running, and i am free to game whenever i like, and nobody is controlling it.
I buy the game, play the game, if my internet is down, MS isnt the one to blame.
When i am done with the game i can put it on a shelf, or sell it to somebody on my friends list, big deal.
By the time the Xb2 and Ps5 are out, i can always keep the old console if i wanna keep playing old games, or get a cheap mini XB1 by then.

And i dont really care about supporting old games or not.
I leave that to the emulation scene to make them playable again someday.
amiga-man  +   847d ago
Minor restrictions LOL,

Only you foxgod would call them minor but even if they were which they certainly are not, why would you be happy to be restricted?

The question is are you a Fanboy or on M$ payroll? I'm going for the latter.
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SexyGamerDude  +   847d ago
"Minor Restrictions"

You can't fool me. I know you're on MS payroll.
callahan09  +   847d ago
There's a third choice, Foxgod... Develop better products more efficiently. Reduce budgets. Increase quality. Streamline development. That is how you make your company a success, not by trying to force things down customer's throats.
rainslacker  +   847d ago
"with the rising budgets they can do two things only, tone down second hand trading, hoping that more people will buy retail, or increase the price of the games.":

Or they could do the more obvious consumer friendly thing. Curb huge wasteful game budgets, make a good game, watch it sell at current prices.

I know it's unthinkable for them to actually have a better business model that is beneficial to the companies and the consumer, but the option is there.

Edit:damn, didn't see callahan's response. Oh well.
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PirateThom  +   848d ago
I am just assuming that anyone who supports Microsoft or says they are buying a Bone are either trolling or Microsoft employees and, given that it's Microsoft, it wouldn't surprise me at all if it's the latter because no real person would defend the crap Microsoft are doing.
Foxgod  +   848d ago
So you really expect that absolutely nobody will buy an xb1, unless they work for MS.

HammockGames  +   848d ago
@ Foxgod

So you admit you work for M$?

That would explain a lot...
#17.1.1 (Edited 848d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report
PirateThom  +   848d ago
General public? No.

On any gaming website? Paid marketers and MS employees because I refuse to believe anyone would tolerate any of this without being paid to.
#17.1.2 (Edited 848d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report
SonyKong64   847d ago | Bad language | show
Foxgod  +   847d ago
I am a cloud administrator for a social security company, i have nothing to do with MS, besides the fact that i use windows at work.

Our biggest ICT support comes from MS their biggest rival in the server environment, IBM.

I support the XB1, because of awesome games, people who are bothered by having to be online for a second every 24 hours still live in the stone age, too bad for them.

Those who dont like the second hand policy, just dont see that the gaming industry cant survive on current terms, and thus the second hand industry to become smaller, so that more money can go to developers who otherwise cant deal with rising expenses.

Last gen, an huge amount of developers filed for bankruptcy, and things might get worse.
If you claim to support the gaming industry, your gonna have to see that the industry needs the money, or we end up with Activision and Ea as the only game providers in the future.

In fact, the trolls are the people who resell their games 12 hours after buying a game because they completed it.
Total lack of respect for the hard work that devs performed, by allowed the money you paid to flow back into your own pocket.
#17.1.4 (Edited 847d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(12) | Report
Protagonist  +   847d ago

What would the benefits be besides a few exclusives???
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   848d ago
keep dreaming xbox-one million...ps4 is getting call of duty also.Access to early dlc is just not enuff to make me sell my soul bro.
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XBOX-ONE-MILLION   848d ago | Spam
SilentGuard  +   848d ago
It seems to me allowing people to unplug the Kinect and not use it would be a simple thing MS could do to gain a little goodwill and positive press. It would show they can listen and it would alleviate the concerns many have over it, solving a negative aspect of the console. Pausing it is not the same as having it off and if it can't be unplugged than it is never really off, regardless of what MS says.
komp  +   847d ago
Well with 300,000 servers behind XB1 I would expect that everyone who buys one will get their own server.

This image from amazon poll

(15:1) http://i.imgur.com/wFQZ0Q3....
Heavenly King  +   847d ago
XBO policies are bad for costumers. They restrict gamer a lot and take away the right to do whatever I want with my game. I really don't understand how are M$ supporters so happy about this nonsense.

Your "ownership" of the games you bought is basically nonexistent. I wont support the XBO; and I dont give a damn how many console exclusives they have. It is as simple as that. The right to do whatever the hell I want to do with my stuff is a fundamental thing that I dont have any intention of giving up.
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giovonni  +   847d ago
Same goes for programs on the apple computer and iPhones. Product is restricted and can only be shared with a limited number of people same goes for windows based programs. Your right to exclusively own your product is gone. Take your iPhone (if you own one), turn it off and charge it.. See what happens. It turns right back on and charges. Call your cell phone company and turn your data plan off...if your cell provider even lets you. My point is, no one really has ownership of anything. We can buy it yes,but are still restricted by what we can do with said product.
giovonni  +   847d ago
Naw, I don't think so, from the looks of it MS is aiming their brand at a specific customer, and before you say it's not right, and ms is evil and all that hogwash. Apple, Mercedes Benz, Rolex , and other companies aim at a certain demographic, at a higher price than the competition, and they are very successful. At the end of the day if the games are revolutionary, and the machine offers a better experience with expectional service. While the competitor offers nothing new to the table its going to be hard to continue to deny and question it's existence. Even with the so called restrictions.

Chances have to be taken, a few eggs have to be broken to make an omelet. Systems have to evolve, even if its a change in policy, price, and over all comfort of the norm.. I do believe that core gamers hold back certain evolutions of gaming to a degree because they are stubborn and want change when it's convenient for them. Look at the pay to play online situation some said they will never ever, ever pay to play online.

Now since its convenient its an accepted and loved idea, certain hardware were getting shoved down core gamer throats, and brought prices of hardware up higher than the competitor. Now, it's all of a sudden a bad thing. A certain company offered choices this generation. It was seen As a step back, now having options are praised.

My thing is this, has any one stopped and thought, and said "man, what if xboxone offers better immersion with their system? No longer have to pause to call time out I can just say it, the game reacts to my facial expressions, the system plays like a human and really adapts to your play style raises or lower the difficult with out you knowing due to your facial expression, heart rate, and playing style. What then? Will it be ignored because its not at the price point with restrictions that's not normal for you?
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Themba76  +   847d ago
hell yea

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