Listen to These Lovely Samples from the the New Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds Album

The album Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy THE CELEBRATION is going to be released in Japan on June the 26th, and today Square Enix released six clips to give a sample of the music included in the Blu-Ray.

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Lovable1743d ago

I went to the one on Vancouver Orpheum Theather last couple of weeks ago. It was magnificent. Wish they come here next year again.

Snookies121742d ago

Argh I missed that one! I wanted to go but completely forgot what day it was... By then it was already too late. :\

Lovable1742d ago

Haha yeah there was a lot of cosplayers. I even got a picture of Lightning..

Shadow Flare1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

This is for fans of Final Fantasy music:




Simply the most amazing guitarist I've heard cover this music

Mr_Nuts1742d ago

I like how FF8 music got some love, it's the best soundtrack of the entire franchise.

Most of the FF music sound the same but with FF8 you know it's from that game.

dendenmooshi1742d ago

I love the singer in this rendition of FF8. Don't know how to explain it, but I feel like i can connect to the singer better.

Also, anyone else a little tired of One Winged Angel?