Next-Generation Consoles Sized-Up [Image depicting console size comparison]

Many of Electronic Theatre’s regular readers have been enquiring about the size of the next-generation consoles. Many images have been revealed so far, but this means little when delivered without any comparison. Electronic Theatre has listened to these demands, and delivered the goods with a direct comparison between Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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Eldyraen1745d ago

PS4 looks tiny... not a bad thing but just so small in comparison. The One on the other hand doesn't look quite so massive compared to PS3 and 360 but it lacked the depth shot for full comparison (which is what looked like biggest change).

At least I know I should still have room for both new consoles as they balance each other out ;) Plus they don't contrast so much this time which is also a plus.

Blackdeath_6631745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

yes but the power brick for the XBone is absolutely massive its bigger than the xbox one controller

JokesOnYou1745d ago

I like how both look, ps4 slick edges, X1 classy home theater look.

LightofDarkness1745d ago

If you built your home theater in 1998, I suppose.

Rhaigun1745d ago

Those are all prototypes, and the real power brick is inside the Xbone. That's why its so big.

Blackdeath_6631745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

no its not inside the XBone the photos released by wired is evidence that it is not inside the console tell me where do you see the powersupply fit in there? how could you possibly say it's in the console itself looking at those pictures?

Foliage1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

The Xbox One hardware is over-heating; so they had to try to compensate with a large fan.

Unfortunately, the hardware is still suffering. Word is that the GPU will be further downgraded. Yikes!

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titletownrelo1745d ago

dude...where are the usbs on the Xbox One?? O__o

CoLD FiRE1745d ago

Two in the back and one on the left side when you're facing the console.

titletownrelo1745d ago

REALLY hope there wont be heating issues on the PS4. The PS4 only has vents on the back, while the Xbox One has vents on the top and side.

Uh-oh spaghettios

NewZealander1745d ago

im actually impressed by how small the ps4 is, but in saying that both consoles look slick, great modern designs, i probably like the X1 look better but im giving ps4 the edge just because they made it so compact!

and with both consoles coming out at such good prices i cant wait to get both!

NeoTribe1744d ago

Im not understanding how the x1 looks great at all. It liderally looks like it could have came out in the 90s. They went with the most mediocre, rehashed, boring design they could. Not to mention its huge. Tech is suppost to get smaller not bigger.

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kevco331745d ago

People have been raving about the size of The One but it's not actually that big. The PS4 however, looks about the same size as a PS3 slim.

mushroomwig1745d ago

Well people made fun of the PS3 being so big and the Xbox is even bigger than that. O_O

I just want to know why it has to be so big to begin with.

NeloAnjelo1745d ago

I know right... Its huge and as mentioned the huge power brick.

Any bet they may still had hadware issues?

SecondSon1745d ago

To make sure it doesn't overheat this time and to make it quiet by using slow but big fans.

I trust that Sony won't have any issues because they know how to built durable hardware but its just fascinating how they packed everything into that little thing :D

So what will PS4 Slim be like? :/

tuglu_pati1745d ago

MS need to come out with a slime version fast

sdozzo1745d ago

As Long As There Are No Heating Issues.

madduey1745d ago

These pics aren't to scale lol I can guarentee the new Xbox is way bigger than that!! Ffs look at the size of kinect!! Lmfaoooooo

rainslacker1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

I don't think they're to scale either...Or at least the PS4 isn't. Since the disc slot for the PS4 is on the left side of the console(while laying down), the width is obviously too small to fit into that space compared to the other ones.

Also the released widths(laying flat), widths of the PS4 and X1(estimated) are only about 1/2" different.

madduey1745d ago

They'll be a proper comparison made up over the next few days . Both the ps4 and the xbone are bigger than this pics making out. But the Xbox is one useless fat cunt of a brick!!..

madduey1745d ago

@ESG: PlayStation/Xbox size comparisons. Thoughts?
This seems legit.. As I said xbone is a mahoosive beast!!

rainslacker1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

That looks more appropriate to me mad. And yeah, it is quite large. I measured my stereo reciever and it's only slightly 1" wider and 2" deeper and about twice the height, so it seems they're making this to fit in with the rest of your home theater components. Not really a bad thing, but nowadays those electronics are almost never consistent unless you buy into a particular brand line.

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