Will Titanfall ever come to PlayStation? Respawn and EA weigh in

EuroGamer: "Titanfall, the game from the creators of the Call of Duty series, is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One - but not PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4.

The multiplayer-only sci-fi shooter looks like a great fit for Microsoft's always-online Xbox One, but amid rumours that Xbox exclusivity has been secured for just a year, will Titanfall ever come to PlayStation?

That's the question we posed to both Respawn and publisher EA at E3 this week."

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Killustrious1772d ago

Who cares? There's enough FPS games in the market to lose any sleep over this. I want variety and that is what Sony is promising

Rusty5151772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

C'mon. I think we can all come to the conclusion that the xbone is terrible, but that titanfall gameplay looked pretty fun. If it's anything like COD4 then it's gonna be awesome. I'm still interested in it. The more games for ps4 the better...

sobekflakmonkey1772d ago

yeah, the first MW was the best in the series, I personally liked MW2 more because they added more shit, but after that it just went downhill, but yeah titanfall does look like it would be fun, don't really care if I play it or not though.

LightofDarkness1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

I agree, Rusty, and I'll be picking it up on PC.

But I'd really hate to see Respawn fail because they backed the wrong horse.

It sounds to me like they may have a sinking feeling about in the aftermath of the E3 press conference bloodbath.

pedrof931772d ago

I agree with you, The first 30 secs of the Titanfall trailer seemed like any random fps game with mediocre graphics (compared with what I've seen) but then I saw that it had a very solid and fun gameplay, the game seems intereting.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31772d ago

Mediocre graphics? Compared to what?

HammadTheBeast1772d ago

It's the natural advancement of CoD, a LOT of the infantry mechanics are the same. Getting it on PC, and PS4 if it comes.

GameNameFame1772d ago

comes to PS3. I dont see why not for PS4.

ShinMaster1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Even games that were published by Microsoft themselves, such as Mass Effect 1 and Ninja Gaiden released on PS3.

KwietStorm1772d ago

I didn't see anything in the gameplay that made me have to have it. I've never liked mechs in games, and admittedly, this looks far from the sluggish and slow mechs, but everything else just looks like another sci fi shooter. I didn't feel any immersion or purpose in what I was watching.

vickers5001772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )


I care, a lot. I've been waiting since West and Zampella left Activision for a true and proper arcadey fps that only the original creators of Call of Duty (cod2 and mw1 were some of the best mp fps games I've ever played) can provide, because every cod after MW2 was complete shit, and even MW2 had a lot of problems.

I was bummed out when I found out it was exclusive to Xbox One (well, and pc, but there aren't a lot of shooters I like on PC).

I'm betting PS4 will still get it eventually, as it's EA, and EA never keeps something exclusive to one console FOREVER. I'll probably have to wait a year after the game launches for a PS4 port, which will be hard, but yeah, I still really want it.

Besides, this isn't just another generic typical fps. I'm not saying it's completely unique, but it does look pretty fresh as far as FPS go.

BattleAxe1772d ago

Just wait for the GOTY Edition for PS4.

NewMonday1772d ago

this game is an experiment with DRM, If this somehow works out for EA then the floodgates will open up with other publishers signing in.

the XB1 is the trojan horse and TitanFall is the Greek soldiers inside it.

and from the interview he gave every hint it will come to the PS4 short of saying "yes" outright.

seeing this game is also on 360+PC I don't see it as a big game changer especially with all the baggage that comes with the XB1.

Doctor_Freeman1772d ago

Eh for now I reckin' it'll play pretty good on my PC.

andibandit1772d ago


I wouldn't put too much weight on what lead artist Joel Emslie, says, since he's just the lead artist and not in a position to say whats going to happen.

I would problably put more weight on Patrick Söderlund's comments, which seems more or less to be "No Comment".

gaffyh1772d ago

I would guess that we'll see TitanFall on PS4 after 6 months of the Xbone launch.

Crazyglues1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Yeah Microsoft paid 50 Million to make this an exclusive... LoL

And nobody really cares, No one on PS4 is going to be losing any sleep because this didn't make it to PlayStation..

||.........___||............ ||

G20WLY1771d ago

It does look good but it was well outside top 3 of E3 IMO.

Still, when it comes out on PS4, I'll pick it up used and save a wodge of cash - cos I can do that on PS4! ;P

SilentNegotiator1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

It's EA, so....duh, of course it's going to come to PS. I can only imagine what it cost just to get a temp "microsoft exclusive" out of them.

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noctis_lumia1772d ago

if i want this type of game like titanfall
then hawken is the way to go

3-4-51772d ago

hawken is nothing like Titanfall.

not even close at all.

SignifiedSix911772d ago

Honestly, Hawken was a huge letdown to me. If the maps were a lot bigger, then it would be a different story.

Also, you cant get out of your mech in Hawken, so its not really the same type of game.

Brazz1772d ago

If Microsoft X-1 sales flop or/and EA see money in the PS4 maket tahn yeah! It will come to Ps4, just like Mass Effect, Elder Scroll, Bioschok, etc. comes to ps3 in the past...

TheTwelve1772d ago

It will come to PS4. It's published by EA. 100% guaranteed.

Tetsujin1772d ago

I remember when Bioshock was sworn to "never" come on PS3, then looked what happened a year later; by then however I'd already be hooked on another game so they can keep it.

Sheikh Yerbouti1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Exactly, third party exclusives just means MS bought my game out for under me - an asshole thing to do imho. Never got interested in Bioshock or GTA episodes when they expect me to be months after the hype dies down and I'm on to something new and more exciting.

Making money > making games, I suppose. Stupid, greedy pubs.

solidt121772d ago

I'll get it on PC. This is the only game not coming to the PS4 I want to play.

marinelife91772d ago

They better bring over a game of the year edition with updated visuals to PS4.

They may have already missed their opportunity to ride the hype train with Sony.

ABizzel11772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

LMAO at all the dodging.

Just be real people it's not that hard to admit M$ paid for exclusivity, I mean the Xbox One and PS4 are near identical since both use the same AMD CPU's and GPU's (although the PS4 uses a more powerful GPU).

This game can be ported over easily, so it's not a problem of quality and quantity. It's a problem of $$$$$.

Every game this gen can easily run on the opposite console, the only difference is maxed out PS4 games will have to be scaled back a bit for the Xbox One, and the decision to make that graphically, resolution wise, or FPS.

Don't start the developer BS, there's too many PC gamers out here that can now give concrete information to console gamers about their consoles, and you can't BS us.

EA rep the only truthful one.

Cuzzo631772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Well to be honest... Titanfall looks like a supurb game. All fanboyish shiot to the side ot looks awsome as hell... Gotra give thwm props on that one. But how long do you think it will be exclusive... Already comfirmed XB1 wont be active in all regions... I think EA is gonna buy out that exclusive deal soon when the system flops. Really why would you even consider a XB1. For a couple of games? And to think all this M$ showed more exclusives crap
.. All of the 1st party sony games have not even been revealed. They are holding back, mark my words. Shame to think sony is done. Lol

Sorry. Typing on android

NeoTribe1772d ago

Not very interested in it but if it ever does show up on ps4 ill be sure to "RENT" it.

jerethdagryphon1772d ago

its a multiplayer shooter ..not interested

showtimefolks1772d ago

It's not actually xbox one exclusive when I can get it on pc. But there is no way in hell this game will remain a Xbox one exclusive for more than 9-12 months. But here is the deal will people be interested in it after a year?

Any 3rd arty exclusive Sony or ms got are only timed exclusives. MS paid $50 million for GRA dlc I would love to know how big of a check they had to write for this? Patcher said MS had to cove the expected sales of the game selling on ps4, so lets say 3-5 million damn that's a lot of money

Is insomniac's game for Xbox one also published by EA or MS?

kingPoS1772d ago

Grand Racing Auto - I'd love to play that. lol

But yeah I agree with you. Unless it's in house, a great deal of 3rd party exclusives are interchangeable with time & money.

Jazz41081772d ago

Just like final fantssy vs or whatever its called now is coming to xboxone ans wel as kingdom hearts all confirmed. Ms brought the games and has the exact same trade in policys at gamestop as sony. Sony already confirmed used games are up to the pubs as eell as ms has said the same and they dont receice a penny from then. This has all been confirmed. Now the price is one of the main diffrences as ms is shoving kinect down are throats or they would be close to the samd price. The other diffrence is singleplayer games can only be played offline for 24 hrs. Gifting is also restricted to one person. Other than that things may change and for ms I sure hope they take the 24 hour thing away and its also sounds like ms is using the cloud to build more powerfull games. Will be a good gen and a great time to be a gamer. Im glad ms was upfront with the drm and not hiding behind that drm on sony is up to pubs and trying to slip in pay to play online which they said they would never do.

humbleopinion1772d ago

Insomniac's game is published by MS.
The weirder thing is that even Dead Rising 3 is published by MS: Doesn't make a lot of sense since Capcom already has a pretty serious publishing arm

Psn8001772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

It's one of those free to play games isn't it like them games you get on the ipad a complete rip off were you can play for free but will cost you more in upgrades & the same with the world of tanks & that fighter game they have .

Rayansaki1772d ago

There's Planetside 2 on PS4, does anyone really care about this?

SignifiedSix911772d ago

Im kind of skeptical of this going to the PS4. That game requires so much power, its not even funny.

Is it going to be 60fps with decreased graphics? Because when the game goes CPU bound, it really chugs.

solar1772d ago

oh i love the "who cares" argument. never any substance, never any explanation. just hate on one that can not have on a Sony platform.

almost as good as the "List Fanboy" that tells YOU how great games are that you dont care about.

Monkeysmarts1772d ago

It's like the folks who were never impressed with Halo and thought Bungie was overrated... but now that Destiny is PS3/PS4-bound, Bungie is incredible. They've always been incredible and Halo was always awesome. Some folks just can't get past brand loyalty.

Titanfall is a game I want on PS4. It looks great. I think games of this type will be supported a lot longer through content vs annual releases this next generation. We've already seen that commitment from Bungie and I expect others to follow. Titanfall should be ripe for awesome times when it hits PS4.

Horny1772d ago

Who cares? I do. I don't want to buy a one to play this and don't feel like playing it on the 360. I also want to avoid the PC because shooters tend to get a lot of cheaters. I'm sure eventually it will come to ps4, if not the sequel will and that is when I'll buy it.

Syntax-Error1772d ago

To say WHO CARES or I WANT VARIETY AND I WONT LOSE SLEEP OVER THIS is downright garbage. Everyon at the conference loved the game and it does look like a step in right direction of FPS games. Your comment sounds just as idiotic as those fanboys that ridiculed Xbox owners because of XBL and having to pay for online are now saying IT'S OKAY now that Sony is doing the same thing. The hypocrisy is sickening. Grow up

Projekt1772d ago

Maybe not take things so personally. You sound severely wound up over the guys opinion, and calling someone a fanboy, idiot and a hypocrite isn't exactly 'grown up'. I'm not saying I agree with his sentiments, but I definitely don't agree that addressing them with such vitriol is warranted.

Syntax-Error1771d ago

So you're saying I have to be a child to call someone a hypocrite, idiot, or a fanboy? Really? So what grown up words should I use to address a hypocritical idiotic fanboy?

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metsgaming1772d ago

Just play it on pc if its that important.

pr0t0typeknuckles1772d ago

to be honest i really dont care,seems like another space marine fps,i want fps games with variety like bioshock or the darkness,not this.

Urusernamesucks1772d ago

W/e man, Scifi shooters shit on every other genres

NeoTribe1772d ago

Umm no they don't... Cod, battlefield, uncharted and last of us shit on any scifi shooter you can provide. Including the ever so boring halo.

DW741772d ago

Yeah, when you're 17.

Urusernamesucks1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

@neotribe nope, half life, doom and halo tottaly take shits.on those generic garbages. I like bf but you loose all crefebilty when you mention And dont even bring up thlou and uncharted because those games hardly sell shit compared to halo. ALSO it is SCIFI SHOOTERS that have been known to Revolutionize and inovate others to come. Doom First fps ever, do i realy need to go on?

Cuzzo631771d ago

From the vid. I didnt think so. It looked badass imo. Sony fan since day one but that shit there.... gave me s boner!

Bobets1772d ago

WTF? this is EA were talking here....

They manage to bring ME1 to ps3 despite it being MS published what do you think is gonna happen to a game like this which they own the rights as publisher?

3rd party exclusive only stay exclusive for so long, do you not see whats happening to MGS,witcher,FF15,KH,GTA etc?

riverstars861772d ago

That was years later Mass Effect finally came to PS3.

Bobets1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Exactly! it made its way to ps3 eventually....

look @ the title of this article "WILL TITAN EVER COME TO PLAYSTATION".

seriously after seeing almost all of the so called exclusive games from 3rd parties from last gen gone multiplat I thought ppl would have learned by now.

more examples(L.A noire,Diablo 3,Ninja gaiden, EVEN deus ex rerelease Wii u exclusive version is now multiplat)....=.=

ginsunuva1772d ago

I think this game was already confirmed as a 1-year exclusive.

Urusernamesucks1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Yes, this is ea,Hello ea loves ms.$$$$ Why is this so hard understand for u.

Syntax-Error1772d ago

Everytime something negative comes out about Sony or a game is released on a sony platform you always hear the same tired fanboy rant "M$ PAYED THEM OR M$ OWNS THEM!"