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E3 2013: What We Got Out Of Sony's Conference

The Sony E3 press conference on June 10th really had a lot of highs, lows, and in-betweens as far as news goes. The conference started off slow, but they picked up with some major announcements and a few major blows to their competition. 30Plusgamer's Megan Pearson sums it up and offers her impressions on all of the Sony E3 press conference action. (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Batman: Arkham Origins, Beyond: Two Souls, Destiny, E3, Gran Turismo 6, Industry, Knack, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – New ‘n’ Tasty, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, The Elder Scrolls Online, Watch Dogs)

Akuma2K  +   681d ago
What we got out of Sony's conference ?

That they're still the company to beat when it comes to gaming.
Clarence  +   681d ago
I concur!
cedaridge  +   681d ago
They recognize their mistakes from last gen and came out focus this time round.well done SONY I will purchase your PS4 console.
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boybato  +   681d ago
They're giving me mixed signals regarding Vita's support although I've heard that there's a LOT of games at the floor albeit most of them already announced and are indies.
dethpuck  +   681d ago
They are still leaving vita to die. Still pissed off about cod in vita. That game could have made the vita great but don't gave the development to nihilistic.

That is why I don't trust don't. Still love my vits but it could be so much more
craigbic  +   681d ago
I had SUCH a bad time with 4 Xbox360 consoles crapping the bed, getting repaired, and then crapping out again over & over that I had decided long ago that I was going to pickup Sony's next console regardless of WHAT they said during their press conference. After having watched their "Drop the mike and walk off stage" moment, I'm going to pre-order one now. Sony Strong!
freezola75  +   681d ago
Funny how we're getting all of these games and folks are still saying stuff like "Sony's leaving the Vita to die". Purely laughable that comment is..

and just how do you think that they're "leaving the Vita to die"? I can admit they have been light on apps although I really enjoy using some of them..

I must admit.. I was a bit perplexed at the fact that they didn't talk that much Vita during their presser.... but it's easy to understand why.

It was all about the PS4.. of course they made mention of the Vita, but not in the way alot of us was thinking.. it was about the look of the hardware and all of those great 1st & 3rd party AND indie games..

I think that we'll see alot more Vita > PS4 connectivity talk come TGS... they gotta save some stuff for the next big presser so I'd fall back with the death of Vita jargon LOL.

One other thing.......

for "Teh Vita has no gaemz" crowd... there are great titles that have come and there are some great ones that are on the horizon as well

Soul Sacrifice excellent title was released in April. Muramasa: Rebirth comes this month and the highly anticipated Dragon's Crown coming in August. That's summer gaming for sure!!

The Walking Dead is coming to the Vita complete with the new episodes releasing on all of the consoles.

The Vita can also stream live tv via remote play using the ps3s browser. You have to go to the sites on your Vita USING remote play and thus the ps3s browser.

Here's a Vid of live streaming Sports Center.... it was done the morning of the AFC Championship, Ravens V Pats...

how to do it specifically is written in the comments of the vid..


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craigbic  +   681d ago
They wanted to focus on next-gen and the Vita isn't next-gen. I don't think they'll let it die. I think over the next several months they will release more Vita-specific information.

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