12 Years After Silent Hill 2:The Music Of Silent Hill 2 writes:It’s 2001 and there is something indefinite, mildly uncertain as Akira Yamaoka thrusts his hands deep into Silent Hill 2’s murky consistency. Yamaoka was never one to court or linger below its tenebrous soil for a moment longer than required, but this morning is different. His curious nature has led him away from the safety of the mud’s shallow end. He paces… visibly unsatisfied by the limitations placed upon him while probing its grounds. In frustration he turns to his tools to cobble and to disseminate the vision he sees… the droning ever louder and the instability of mind harder to contain. - See more at:

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1777d ago
bakagaijin781777d ago

I still listen this this soundtrack regularly. Such a darkly beautiful ambient album.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1777d ago

Akira Yamaoka created some of the most genius soundtracks for the SH franchise. We need Team Silent back together to make a new SH game using the Fox Engine.

thirtyandnerdy1777d ago

Agreed, his work on the SH titles is genius. For those who like Yamaoka's work, the Shadows of the Damned soundtrack is also stellar. =)

memots1777d ago

So 12 years ? what happens after 13 years , Are they going to do this again?