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Why You Don’t Want The Xbox One (Trust Me)

My target audiences here are the fence-sitters and carefree gamers. I don't at all mean use those labels in a condescending way, what I mean is that I don't expect the Average Joe/Jane to go out and research the policies behind their video game machines. Most people just want to play games, and that makes perfect sense to me. I also understand that Microsoft’s target demographic is the mainstream, white-picket-fence family. They want to become the centerpiece of the American living room and the future of entertainment systems, and most of those people are pretty apt to let them. If I can do anything to sway those demographics, I’m gonna damn well try, because I'm not drinking the Xbox One Kool-Aid, and I hope you'll listen to my reasons why. (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

SlavisH2  +   655d ago
Trust someone i never met with my hard earn money? "F" U! I'll decide were i want my money to go!
Godmars290  +   655d ago
You're trusting MS with your money and you know, should know, what they're planning.

"The best illusion a company can make is for you to think they care about you!"

And MS's "illusion" is pretty piss poor. Anyone looking at what they have to offer should be able to see its inherit issues.

Yet sadly some are defending on the basis of faith and loyalty.
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SlavisH2  +   655d ago
I never said i was getting x1 but i will come up with my own opinion instead of letting the internet make one for me!

P.S. It's capitalism, bro. Both companies bottom line is Capital! The best illusion a company can make is for you to think they care about you!
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T900  +   654d ago
"Why You Don’t Want The Xbox One (Trust Me)"

Pretty much not getting an Xbox one, just sticking to my PC.
edonus  +   654d ago
Sony just Jedi mind tricked you in to clapping for taking away free MP.

You're talking about trust. They are telling you guys they dont have DRM and wont require online..... the very next day the story changes to unless publishers do it.

Destiny is an always online game, isnt Watch Dogs and AC4 as well. These are just the start.

I see what MS is offering and its perfect for a modern gamer. I have a constant internet connection I have cable I want a smart TV I video chat from my TV. My friends have their own console at their houses I dont go over there to play with them thats what the internet is for. I dont loan out my games (getting them back scratched is more common than your internet going down) this aint the 90s I aint in grade school. None of these policies bother me.

I dont defend out off loyalty and faith I defend on the strength that my product executes you product in the public square. Thats why the argument about the ONE is complaining about customer appreciation they aint talking about features and games and that what i use my consoles for feature and games.
mcstorm  +   654d ago
@edonus That was well said and I agree. Gaming has changed in a big way since last gen. When I was 12 to 15 I would go round to my mates house or they would come round to mine and we would take our games with us to play on there consoles as we would own different games but play mp on games like golden eye, WCW vs NWO ect where if you look at kids today (My brother is now 15) and he dose not go round to his friends house to play games they own the same games like COD, Halo ect and they play MP on line and are all in a party together all night rather than being at there house.

I do see the bad side as my dad is not an online gamer and he will often borrow my games and play them through SP and then give me them back and he tends to buy pre owned games for him self as he is not a big gamer.

I see why people are not liking what MS has done and I do think the check in will hurt a few sales as there are people who don't play there console online but that said I don't know anyone who has a 360 and not connected to the internet even if they don't have live.

I do think everyone will do this in the end on there consoles just like Sony are now going to charge users to play online with the PS4 because there are servers and software now running in back ground this will help to pay for.

As for the person who created this post I really don't see why people seem to think they should tell people what to and not to get.

I own a WiiU and really like the console and looking forward to some of the games that are coming out for the console this year and next year. I also feel more excited about the One then the PS4 with the games that have been shown so far but I do think the PS3 has better games coming than the PS4 so far with last of us and GT6 so for that reason I will be getting a One 1st and a PS4 later on.

Its each to there own just like phones. I own a Lumia 900 and getting a Lumia 925 next month as for me it fits my life better than an android or IOS device. I also own a surface RT as my tablet as it fits my life better than my Ipad and Xoom did when I had them but that dose not mean I think everyone should own the same things as me.

We are all different and having choices in technology is what makes technology good because it keeps each company pushing each other to make there products better.
moparful99  +   654d ago
@edonus You can rationalize it all you want but the simple fact remains that Microsoft is forcing these restrictions on you. Whether you want them or not and that right there is where everyone is having exception with it. It's the fact that Microsoft is trying to micro manage every little aspect of gaming. I'm sorry but if I am paying hundreds of dollars for the console, games, online functionality, accessories etc I don't want the manufacturer breathing down my neck and enforcing policies that impeded my freedom and enjoyment of said product..

Let me ask you a question.. What happens when your internet goes down? Or if Live goes down? These policies are begging to get Live hacked and then what? Are you going to be so cavalier about your opinion of Microsoft and the XBONE then?
Dape  +   654d ago
"I dont defend out off loyalty and faith"
Ye, coming from the person that said "I think Bill Gates Got knocked back up as the richest man in the world" -_-
Please take the blinfold of your face and wake up to reality!!
devwan  +   654d ago
@edonuts Seems like Microsoft found the ideal target audience in you! Add that to the other 4 or 5 believers and you'll only have to buy maybe 200 million games each this generation for them to chalk up a flawless victory. 1UP, sir!
Mainman  +   654d ago
Wait a minute.

Is MGS5 a timed exclusive on the Xbox one!?

The article says so.

I really, really, really hope this isn't true.
You should play watch dogs for $400 and not $500 trust me. :D
ZitterZap  +   655d ago
They didn't even show Watchdogs, Assassin's Creed 4 and Destiny running on Xbox One hardware.
NameRemoved0017  +   655d ago
you could also play watchdogs on a PC, Xbox 360 or Ps3.
PSVita  +   654d ago

Your comments say it all
madara0sama  +   654d ago
A fool and his money.
danthebios  +   655d ago
Never bought an xbox and i dont think i need to.Im happy with Sony playstation and now its proven they listen to gamers.
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MikeyDucati1  +   655d ago
I had the first Xbox. I enjoyed that system. It was great because it was the underdog and no one expected it to do well. Then I got an 360. Enjoyed it but not as much as the first Xbox. I would go on to own three 360s before I just stopped playing em. I don't know, after while I got tired of the 360. The consumer base had somewhat of an elitist attitude. Playing online meant you were only going to meet some of the worst, ignorant players on a multiplayer network (yea PS3 got its share too but 360 takes the cake by a long shot). And when I heard some kid say that he bought 360 because he buys and supports only american, I threw my hands up and gave up. Plus the talks of raising XBL (it was 50 when I played) was going around and I began to see MS change the focus of the 360 from gaming to entertainment hub. So I went and bought a PS3 and pretty much never looked back. With the original Xbox, it felt that MS wanted to make a gaming console. With 360, it felt like MS had no respect for their consumer base and brought about changes with a certain tone of arrogance.
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madara0sama  +   654d ago
Completely agree with you. The first Xbox was awesome. Then it went down hill.
moparful99  +   654d ago
I never owned the original XBOX mainly due to my disdain for Microsoft so I cannot comment on that system. I do own both a PS3 and 360 however, and I didn't purchase my 360 until this past Christmas.. I am not a Live subscriber because I think it's ludicrous to pay for the privilege to play my game that I've already bought online. Microsoft has always had this arrogance about them that turns me off.. It permeates everything they do. Now its all coming full circle with the XBONE and their DRM and always Online policies.. Don Mattrick's recent comments on the subject is further evidence of their attitudes and lack of respect for consumers.. To them we are all a walking bank account and nothing more. They've only enforced the fact that I wont be buying any more Microsoft products.. Sony, despite their mistakes have always had a certain respect and relationship with their fans and for that they have a dedicated fan in me. Until Microsoft begins to behave likewise they wont get my money.
esemce  +   654d ago
For me they have Halo and Forza and that is not enough for me to invest in them, but right now I wont give them any more money on principle.
yugovega  +   654d ago
you must not have been online long. doesn't seem to bother people to be watched while doing that. just saying
esemce  +   654d ago
I don't mind that as long as they pay me the right price :)
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JBSleek  +   654d ago
But what if I genuinely want to play the exclusives on the One?

I don't care about the polices of either or really see a big deal for me personally.
MikeyDucati1  +   654d ago
Then you want to play the exclusives on the One. Simple as that. Let no person's opinions sway you from what you enjoy or what you want to do. No harm in being true to yourself.
moparful99  +   654d ago
While I respect people's opinions and their ability to choose I will say that consumers buying the XBONE will only reinforce to Microsoft that they can do this nonsense and get away with it..
RiPPn  +   654d ago
Watched her VLOG, and she goes on a little long, but she 100% gets it!
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flappersack  +   654d ago
Why does this article say that MGS5 is a timed exclusive on the Xbone? Citation needed.
MikeyDucati1  +   654d ago
Because it's launching with Xbox One for a period of time...brewhahahahaaaaa!
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medman  +   654d ago
I don't want an Xbox One because it's a technically inferior, bloated product with an artificially inflated price point and anti consumer policies that only benefit big business. PS4. Case closed.
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TKChillin  +   654d ago
How is MS dictating conditions to me when I already use said services. I am an adult with a good job that's laughing at you school boy whiners. Go ahead and play your kiddy games on PS4 and leave us real men to play the good games with XB1....long live team green.

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