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Submitted by excaliburps 971d ago | news

Battlefield 4 multiplayer has nerfed suppression, 5-man squads, defibs needs to be charged & more

Battlefield 4 multiplayer has nerfed suppression, 5-man squads, defribs needs to be charged & more (Battlefield 4, E3, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

DeadSpaced  +   971d ago
Can't wait to see more multiplayer. I especially can't wait to see more maps.
kassler  +   971d ago
Can't wait! Finally a "real" battlefield game on console, with 64 players.
Shadonic  +   971d ago
I cant wait im already gathering people for a 5 man squad on 64 player battles.
GoldenMonkey34   971d ago | Spam
Kinger8938  +   971d ago
Lets hope the beta doesnt roll out with an mainly infantry map this time round!
Crystallis  +   971d ago
Defibs needs to be charged. YES! no more medic trains reviving everyone on the battlefield in 5 secs.
BALLARD32  +   971d ago
Yes! That was one of the worst thing in BF3. Going through all the trouble of wiping out an entire squad just for them all to get revived in half a second was so frustrating.
iRocket  +   971d ago
Man, this game is looking to be everything BF3 was supposed to be. Oh well. Will still be looking forward to this. BF3 was solid fun even with it's many flaws.
OcelotRigz  +   971d ago
Yeah, thats the thing with BF3. I can spend an hour giving out about it, and have, but i still put so many hours in that game and have had so many crazy moments.

This game looks great, when the skyscraper dropped during the conference my jaw dropped too, blew me away.

It also got me back in the mood for BF3 which i havent played in ages.
shaft0140  +   971d ago
If each squad will have up to 5 players, won't that mean that there's going to be a squad with only 2 players?

The team needs to be an interval of 5 for the squads to be fully balanced.
Vladplaya  +   971d ago
There are always plenty of lone wolfs in BF games, so this is not really a problem.
shaft0140  +   971d ago
That's true, but this game never encouraged lone wolves.
Hopefully I won't get stuck on that 2 man squad. The more, the merrier...and more spawn points.
awi5951  +   971d ago
The commanders count as 2 extra players so im guessing there will be a comander squad on each side. Its really 66 players but the commanders are giving orders from a laptop or smartglass. Not sure if it will work on i pad lol.
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BALLARD32  +   971d ago
I don't think I've ever been so excited for a game(at least until Battlefront). All the changes DICE are making seem like they will really better the gameplay in every way. Thank you. DICE! Keep it up.
Akuma2K  +   971d ago
If were starting out with limited ammo for the MBT, looks like the variety type of rounds (SABOT:armor piercing, HEAT:high explosive antitank, MPAT: multi-purpose antitank) that was mentioned months earlier for the tanks will have to be unlocked. Pretty much how we unlocked all the accessories for each vehicle in BF3, can hardly wait to play BF4 in my
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Psychotica  +   971d ago
Now if we can just get an anti-air missile that can actually shoot down something..
famoussasjohn  +   971d ago
I was watching some streams last night, and when a person was in a tank and viewing from within the tank, there was a blinking action as if your eyes were blinking. When viewing from outside the tank, there was no blinking going on. Anyone know if this is something new they've put in or was it a glitch?
SITH  +   971d ago
All I care about with regards to battlefield 4 is elevator music. I do not want to be bored as I ride to the top of the building. Popping C-4 and dropping the skyscraper, while base jumping off of it as it falls is going to be epic. And thanks to elevator music, not boring.
CourierSix  +   970d ago
Sounds good.

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