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E3 2013: Challenging Friends in DriveClub

Driveclub social features (Driveclub, E3, PS4)

mrmancs  +   393d ago
Any good quality cam footage of the gameplay? Bit peed they never featured it....
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Destrania  +   393d ago
Here is some cam gameplay from E3

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mrmancs  +   393d ago
Many thanks destrania
mrmancs  +   393d ago
Wow even off screen it looks gorgeous!
Destrania  +   393d ago
Yeah, it looks pretty amazing :-)
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mrmancs  +   393d ago
Good to know you get it on psn+ , well happy with that! Amazed they didn't have a steering wheel setup at show though... Maybe it was due to wanting to show the pads off?
Destrania  +   393d ago
Destrania  +   393d ago
And apparently the E3 build is only 35% complete!
mrmancs  +   392d ago
If that's the case and they can actually have it 100% by release... Then it should be something real special , love racing games, especially when faced with good players , though admittedly I'm only average compared to some on gt5 ha.

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