OXCGN'S New Game Snapshots Day 1: 16 Upcoming Games Previewed


"This is it.

This is the year that everything happens.

Next-gen madness is in full swing, and OXCGN is reporting to you from the trenches.

For the next few days, you’ll find our “snapshots” of games on the floor. We state if we played or watched it, summarize its current state in one word, and then give a few paragraphs’ worth of thoughts."

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Proeliator1740d ago

I'm actually quite curious about that Murdered title.. kind of getting lost in the madness. But good to hear stuff like BF4 and Witcher are shaping up.

DeusExer1740d ago

Man Witcher 3 looks so good.

Tatsuya 1740d ago

"This was all done without a single loading screen"

I think this is crucial for the full next gen experience and I would expect the other open world games to follow this concept!

Godem1740d ago

Few games there I had not heard of yet, good list ;)

BadCircuit1740d ago

Much better for immersion too