IncGamers: Army of Two Review

IncGamers writes:

The game isn't bad, it's just really frustrating at times, and I have a feeling that the storyline was thrown together, but that wouldn't matter so much if you were just allowed to carry on blowing stuff up. It's also a real shame that the game doesn't take more advantage of the Unreal Engine 3 it uses because, bend me over and call me Bernard, it looks sexy when it's working in the cut scenes.

To me it really portrays the American attitude to war, that we'll-take-anything-on-and-win attitude, which is admirable and fun. And because of exactly this reason you can't take the game seriously. Let's face it, you're travelling from one country to another without any other care than the completion of your mission, shooting natives. As an American mercenary. Things can't get much easier than that.

There is a glimmer of hope though. There should be a sequel. If so, and if EA clean up all the little niggles and keep it as a two player co-op game it will be one hell of a game, and one that is true to old-skool multiplayer, one of a handful of good, modern co-op games.

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