X-Play Hands on: Grid

Adam Sandler from X-Play talk with with Alex Grimbley (Senior producer, Codemasters) about what will make this game original and what it will make a part from other racing games, also first real gameplay is shown.

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mighty_douche3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

"Adam Sandler from Xplay"

Ok so his movies are pretty weak, but i thought he was doing alright out of it?

Game looks excellent btw!

Marceles3738d ago

lol @ Adam Sandler and not Adam Sessler

tony3738d ago

looks like they put effort on the physics. looks good.

NO_PUDding3738d ago

Atleast Adam 'Sandler' is tryign to help with the promotion of the game. The developer really makes it sound crap.

"Err.. it's all Race cars, not as much as our competitors, but, they, err they're all real, and you can't... they are race cars.. hence the best cars... therefore all the cars you need... I think."

And I loved Toca back in the day, but Race Driver ruined it. Atleast I still ahve Gran Turismo to come.

madestar3738d ago

good thing it's not coming to xbox 360 cause xbox 360 can't handle the graphics

madestar3738d ago

F all you mods banning me from the gamer zone... f a g s

cjp4eva3738d ago

Most of the mods are Xbot sh*t eaters.

Daz3738d ago

Now this game looks fun

ngg123453738d ago

From the bullshot video.

iAmPS33738d ago

I totally agree, the previous trailer was awesome. Now look at this gameplay, little to none improvement over TOCA and DIRT.

What a shame.

InMyOpinion3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

The quality of this video is too bad to judge how the game looks. I know you PS3 fanboys are eager to downplay GRID in favor of GT5P, but you'll have to wait until we have seen some more of it.

I have to say I'm a bit worried about the handling of the cars. In the video it looked like the cars behaved as if they were RC-cars. The shopping trolley controls+psycho brakes found in Dirt still give me nightmares.

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The story is too old to be commented.