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Xbone: Paying more for less

The E3 reveals are done and at the time of writing, the Xbone will cost £429 and the PS4 £349. Even before the surprisingly large difference in pricing, Microsoft was coming under fire for its seemingly consumer-hating used game sales practices, so this hasn’t done much to lower the community’s pitchforks.

It begs the question: ‘What do you get for an extra £80?’ (Microsoft, Xbox One)

Ask  +   446d ago
Flawless victory to the PS4 methinks...
Hatsune-Miku  +   446d ago
i cant wait to buy the ps4 on day one.
Man-E-Faces  +   445d ago
What has changed though? People also paid more for less with regards to 360, PS3. When you factor in all the expensive proprietary add-ons such as hard drive upgrade, battery pack, live subscription, hd dvd player, AA batteries, no hdmi, no wi-fi on launch models. Add these things up with many buying/trading in their launch gimped 360 to get the new 360 which had hdmi, wi-fi built in and 360's price exceeded PS3's price easily.
die_fiend  +   445d ago
Haven't you heard?

Microsoft 'The idea of ownership is changing' but 'We allow 10 family members to play on the same console'

The idea of ownership is changing from having a 360 to never owning an Xbone. And how generous to let my family use my console, especially given that apparently none of my friends can. How gracious you've become M$
Ask  +   445d ago
Holy fuck. That's ridiculous. Do you have a link to that?
die_fiend  +   444d ago
Ashlen  +   446d ago
I'm almost done kicking Microsoft while there down.

But I'd like to also add you'll be needing a new headset (not included) since your old one won't work with the new proprietary ports. And as far as I can tell (I did check) it doesn't support Bluetooth.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   445d ago
Yeah it is getting pretty sad at this point.
I liked to crack some jokes and take some pot shots when i can but it's as if MS is hellbent on destroying the xbox brand.

Doesn't even make me laugh to joke about it anymore.

Good point about the headsets too.How much do those go for about? $40-50? Plus the $50 XBL fee (for those that don't buy the day one edition) comes to $599.

It's actually crazy.What the actual hell Microsoft.
edonus  +   445d ago
Its actually turning in to white noise. The only ones listening is the ones saying it.

The campaigns havent even started yet.

The ONE has way bigger guns than the Ps4.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   445d ago
Yes, yes.I'm sure.
Why o why  +   445d ago
Definitely edonus, definitely
moparful99  +   445d ago
Edonus wrote: "Its actually turning in to white noise. The only ones listening is the ones saying it.

The campaigns havent even started yet.

The ONE has way bigger guns than the Ps4."

This link says you are wrong http://i.imgur.com/wFQZ0Q3....
edonus  +   445d ago
This is why you cant trust what you hear on the internet.

Xbox ONE has tons more features and value than the Ps4. It has proven to be stronger and no analyst telling me the Ps4 cpu is kissed by god and gddr5 is made from unicorn balls changes the best looking gams during E3 came from MS.

The ONE murders the Ps4. There is no game called Jack Tretton rant on DRM coming for the Ps4.

People are upset and very confused about the policies MS is implementing. The system and tech is way better. Thank god the world is bigger than the internet and once these products start getting in to hands of the people the tech will speak for itself.
GamersHeaven  +   445d ago
"Tons more features and value" I stopped reading there.

@edonus-It's not the truth its a pile of bs your worst than m$ with that cloud sh1t.
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edonus  +   445d ago
Of course you did you cant let the truth get in your ears.

Why would you want reality when in wonderland sony gives you candy and saved your dog.
Why o why  +   445d ago
Gamers heaven....just agree with him...the world agrees with him
mcstorm  +   445d ago
I am starting to find this site funny though. I said last week when it was all doom and glom about the WiiU and this week its all about the xbox one.

For me the consoles I want are the WiiU which I have and an xbox one as the services like xbox music and the games that are on the one fit my gaming life better than what is on the PS4 at this moment in time. I will look to get a PS4 later on in the gen but the 1st 12 to 18 months the one and WiiU will be my home consoles plus the PS3 is still getting some big games.

Also Power have never been the reason why a console has sold the most look at PSX, PS2 and Wii they were all the weakest of there gen yet sold the most.

No one know knows what console will and wont sell everyone on here was saying that the PSV was going to walk all over the PSV but look how that has turned out. People said Windows Phone could never become the 3rd biggest OS in its 1st 5 years on the market but it now is.

The technology world is a strange place and nothing is garneted to be a success no matter how good or bad it is.
callahan09  +   445d ago
Let's conduct an experiment... Here is a list of games coming to either the PS4, Xbox One, or both:

Killzone Shadow Fall
The Order: 1886
inFamous Second Son
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Battlefield 4
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Mad Max
The Witness
Skylanders SWAP Force
Dying Light
Mercenery Kings
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty
Blacklight: Retribution
Secret Ponchos
Ray's the Dead
deep down
Doki-Doki Universe
Don't Starve
Forza 5
Ryse: Son of Rome
Dead Rising 3
Kinect Sports Rivals
Quantum Break
Halo Xbox One
Sunset Overdrive
The Evil Within
Fantasia: Music Evolved
Just Dance 2014
Lego Marvel Superheros
Max: Curse of the Brotherhood
Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare
Project: Spark
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Crimson Dragon
The Crew
The Division
Drage Age Inquisition
Elder Scrolls Online
Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XV
Kingdom Hearts 3
Killer Instinct
Madden 25
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Mirror's Edge 2
NBA 2K14
NBA Live 14
Need for Speed Rivals
Peggle 2
Rabbids Invasion
Star Wars Battlefront
Trials Fusion
EA Sports UFC
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Zoo Tycoon
Zumba Fitness World Party
The Dark Sorceror
DC Universe Online
Diablo III
Octodad: Deadliest Catch
Planetside 2
Primal Carnage: Genesis
Sniper Elite 3
War Thunder


Now, why don't you tick off the ones you think you'd give a try if you could.

I promise you 80% of the games you ticked could be played on the PS4 unless you're just such a Microsoft fanboy that the only games you will allow yourself any interest in are MS exclusives.

Just face it, the PS4 has a TON of great games worth playing on it, it doesn't have any of that DRM or check-in required BS, Sony isn't trying to undermine and limit the second-hand market, it is proven to be the more powerful system AND the simpler architecture making development even easier than on the Xbox One, AND it costs $100 less.

You'd rather pay more money for the anti-consumer console that is less powerful and developers will have a harder time with, just for maybe a handful of games that won't be on PS4, when the majority of what you'll play could be played on PS4, AND the PS4 itself will have great games of its own you can't play on the Xbox One?

Seems absolutely ridiculous to me.
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edonus  +   444d ago
Unlike you I am not a fanboy.
Unlike you you will never hear me say either system is a bad system. Only fanboys and the mis informed would think the ONE is abad system. And you never hear me say the Ps4 is garbage or anything like that. You can have issues with policies but to act like the ONE some how underpowered is fanboyism.

Fact is no one of the things the ONE does affect me and lots of gamers like me in a major way. The biggest impact is I can't lend and burrow games with strangers. I don't do that anyway, that would have had some impact when I was 16 but today everyone I play with is online and have their own games if I want to try a game out I get the demo if I like it I buy it.

And all this Ps4 is more powerful stuff is bull, they didn't show it at E3 so I won't just give the crown just because some analyst crunched some numbers that left out key pieces of the design. Ryse looked better than any game Sony showed yet you still want to believe Sony is better because someone told you gddr5 ram is digital plutonium. Until I see it I don't believe it so all your less power stuff is pointless and baseless. There is nothing you can't point to that supports the claim the ONE is less powerful, at this point what have seen says the ONE is more powerful than the Ps4.

You are seeing everything through PsSlant.
Hicken  +   444d ago
He can smell Kinect games from another continent: he'll choose those intentionally, and anything that's a Microsoft franchise, like Forza.

This is edonus we're talking about, here. No way he's gonna play it fair.
unworldly  +   445d ago

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