Xbone: Paying more for less

The E3 reveals are done and at the time of writing, the Xbone will cost £429 and the PS4 £349. Even before the surprisingly large difference in pricing, Microsoft was coming under fire for its seemingly consumer-hating used game sales practices, so this hasn’t done much to lower the community’s pitchforks.

It begs the question: ‘What do you get for an extra £80?’

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Ask1834d ago

Flawless victory to the PS4 methinks...

Hatsune-Miku1834d ago

i cant wait to buy the ps4 on day one.

Man-E-Faces1834d ago

What has changed though? People also paid more for less with regards to 360, PS3. When you factor in all the expensive proprietary add-ons such as hard drive upgrade, battery pack, live subscription, hd dvd player, AA batteries, no hdmi, no wi-fi on launch models. Add these things up with many buying/trading in their launch gimped 360 to get the new 360 which had hdmi, wi-fi built in and 360's price exceeded PS3's price easily.

die_fiend1833d ago

Haven't you heard?

Microsoft 'The idea of ownership is changing' but 'We allow 10 family members to play on the same console'

The idea of ownership is changing from having a 360 to never owning an Xbone. And how generous to let my family use my console, especially given that apparently none of my friends can. How gracious you've become M$

Ask1833d ago

Holy fuck. That's ridiculous. Do you have a link to that?

Ashlen1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

I'm almost done kicking Microsoft while there down.

But I'd like to also add you'll be needing a new headset (not included) since your old one won't work with the new proprietary ports. And as far as I can tell (I did check) it doesn't support Bluetooth.

ThatCanadianGuy5141833d ago

Yeah it is getting pretty sad at this point.
I liked to crack some jokes and take some pot shots when i can but it's as if MS is hellbent on destroying the xbox brand.

Doesn't even make me laugh to joke about it anymore.

Good point about the headsets too.How much do those go for about? $40-50? Plus the $50 XBL fee (for those that don't buy the day one edition) comes to $599.

It's actually crazy.What the actual hell Microsoft.

1833d ago
Why o why1833d ago

Definitely edonus, definitely

moparful991833d ago

Edonus wrote: "Its actually turning in to white noise. The only ones listening is the ones saying it.

The campaigns havent even started yet.

The ONE has way bigger guns than the Ps4."

This link says you are wrong

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